Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chicks and Hens!!!

Chicks & Hens are so very unique
Five years ago, Cindy and I traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee to visit friends.  One afternoon we spent a most pleasant time at the home of her aunt, Clara Ruth.  When we were leaving her house, I noticed a very interesting and unique group of plants clustered beside her front porch.

When I asked her about them, she said they are called Chicks and Hens.  They grow close to the ground.  The large, central plant---the "Hen"---is the main plant, and it spawns the "Chicks" around it.  The Chicks take root near the Hen and grow there. 
The leaves form in rosettes
The leaves form in a rosette.  Colors can range from purple to burgundy.  I think they are beautiful.

Clara Ruth dug three of her little plants up and gave them to me to take back to Texas for planting.  They thrive in loose, sandy soil and do not need much water.  Even I can get them to live long lives!
They thrive in loose soil & dry conditions
These pictures were taken on our back patio, where we have three large pots of them.  I love them.

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  1. Hey, Clint!
    I have a little one from a friend from Germany!
    I thought is some sort of cactus!
    So...sandy soil!I go quickly to change the soil!