Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let's Just Call This A Learning Experience...

Our Adventure Began Here
Cindy came home two weeks ago from a shopping excursion and told me about a Mexican supermarket she had discovered.  She said the name of it is "Fiesta", and they have a huge selection of south-of-the-border favorite foodstuffs.
The Food Court!
But the thing she really liked was the looks of the little dining area near the front of the store.  She said it appeared that they had all kinds of prepared Mexican food, which we love; and it also looked like they were inexpensive.  "We should go there!" she raved.
Prepping the Refried Beans
Well, today we did.  It was an experience.  The little cafe had most kinds of Mexican fare, preheated in a glass case.  I selected the tacos, rice and refried beans.  Cindy ordered the enchiladas with a salad, rice and beans.  We had to wait for about 15 minutes for the one server to get our order together.  The woman moved EXTREMELY S-L-O-W-L-Y.  I couldn't believe it.
Parmesan Cheese on Enchiladas?

Meanwhile, other customers were in line to place their orders and were becoming impatient.  When the server finally gave us our plates, she had two plates of enchiladas and no tacos.  I decided to just eat the enchiladas without complaint. 
Why Did God Make the Fly?---And Why Did He Make So Darn Many?
More fun began when we sat down on the picnic style tables they have in the dining area.  There was some dried food on the tabletops and some of Texas' larger flies were aggressively feeding.  We took our seats in one spot where there was little dried food and started to eat as our arms waved continuously at the buzzing insects.  Let me tell you the food was as bland and dry as it could be.  I have never before had Mexican food that was flavorless.  Also, inexplicably, the server had put parmesan cheese on the enchiladas.  I never heard of that, either.  Maybe it was an attempt to infuse some flavor into the dish?  If so, it didn't work.
It Is Important To Keep One's Sense of Humor!
I was so hungry I had to eat at least part of it.  Cindy found something mysterious in one of her enchiladas.  It was round and shiny---looked like the back of a cockroach to me, but Cindy said she thought it was a "gland" of some kind.  From that point on, Cindy ate no more enchilada, but she was also very hungry and decided to just eat the tortilla that surrounded the mystery meat. 

We won't be going back to the Fiesta market---at least, not to eat.  I told Cindy that although this was not a good experience, we will probably remember it longer than if we had had a good meal somewhere else.  I'm already laughing about it.

NOTE:  Cindy wrote about her version of today's lunch events on her blog at Cindy Ellison 


  1. Mama mia, Clint!
    What a great experience! ha ha
    And those flies...cockroach...whatever...ha ha
    Great day for both of you!

  2. SO DISAPPOINTING!! I hate when that happens! You get so excited, have such high hopes and then that! YUCKO!

  3. Where were our cameras? The red neon sauce on the enchiladas, the "mystery gland", the dried out beans ... and to think of how I was looking forward to it. ;-D

  4. DW&D and WIND---Love you guys so much! Thank you for commenting---and I love your blogs. Until tomorrow, my friends!

  5. What an experience...
    I can tell you! Do not ever eat flies and
    cockroaches again. Even when you are starving!
    You are a good story writer, Clint!

  6. Thank you, Monika! I love your blog.