Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Party!!!!

Me with my snake tattoo and fried/frizzed hair

Frontal shot of me with biker shirt and handcuffs
 Two weeks ago, our neighbors, Sandy & Ray, asked Cindy & me and two other neighborhood couples to attend a Halloween party at their home.  We told them we would be there.  For days, we discussed how we would dress up for the party.  We had a lot of fun just planning on how we would look.

Well, yesterday was the big day.  As you can see in the pictures, I decided to go as a "punk biker" type personna, and Cindy dressed up as a combination Betty Boop/Good Witch/Socialite.  It took Cindy a couple of hours to get my hair totally fried and frizzed and colored black.  She also drew a snake tattoo on my face.  I had on a biker shirt I have had (but never before worn) from a 1997 biker rally in myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Got me some handcuffs hanging from my belt, made me a phony marijuana ciggy, and I was ready to go.
Cindy in Wig with Spider

Cindy decked out in about two pounds of makeup, a ridiculous wig, black sexy dress, boa on her neck, and a crown that featured a veil and spiders.  (EEEEK!)
Sandy, Our Beautiful Neighbor
Suzan & Diane, Our Neighbors and Friends

Ray and Sandy were dressed for the occasion, as were Wayne and Suzan.  Wayne was the hit of the party with his "rat cap", which featured a dead Norwegian rat inside his cap, with its tail sticking out about eight inches in front of his face.
Wayne Blew Us Away With His "Rat Cap"

We were joined by Mike and Diane.  The eight of us had a blast, with good conversation and food.  The men even had a croquet game in the back yard.  Ray won the game, but there is widespread belief that he perhaps bent the rules a little.  Ha.
Ray Won the Croquet Game, but Did He Bend the Rules?  Ha.

Sandy decorated her home very creatively.  It was beautiful, with all manner of snakes, spiders, body parts and witches everywhere. 
Sandy Knows How to Decorate
Sandy's Mantle Above the Fireplace

And the food?  Oh, my gosh.  Delicious pulled pork, homemade baked beans with bacon, the best damn 5-cheese macaroni & cheese with jalapeno & grilled corn I have ever put in my mouth, and all manner of desserts.  The woman worked pretty hard to make this happen, and we had the best time ever. 
Put Some Heaven in Your Mouth
Suzan's Butter Cream Frosted Chocolate Cupcakes with Bones and Body Parts.  Yummm.
Picture of Cindy's Plate---Pork Sandwich, Baked Beans, Mac & Cheese to Die For
Making a scene at the end of the evening were Ray & Sandy's family pets, the very sweet Tyson & Abby.
Sandy Holding Tyson & Abby

We came home very full and thankful to have such wonderful friends.  Thank you, Ray and Sandy, for a beautiful and unforgettable evening!


NOTE:  Cindy relates her version of events at the party on her blog


  1. What a memorable evening! We will always remember all the fun and laughs we had! Thanks again, Sandy and Ray! Everything was perfect!
    It was wonderful to see everyone!

    Love you all!

  2. You two looked Great!!!!

    I love Halloween parties and your friend did such an AMAZING job decorating ....AND THAT FOOD!!!!! YUM!

    Those cupcakes look great too! Very creative all the way around!

  3. Looks like a great party but I'm am still laughing over Mr. Bike Week...