Saturday, October 9, 2010

Scared to Death by a Ghost!!!

I was sitting at my desk, studying something on my computer, deep in thought, when I heard a faint, eerie, ghostlike sound.  I turned my eyes toward the door to my office, and almost jumped out of my skin with fright! 
Cindy was waving this four foot long poster at me

A spectral, unhuman image appeared before me, lowly bellowing the ghostly "woooooooo!!!......wooooooooooo!!!!!"  My heart rate shot up to 200 BPM and I screamed.

It was then that my crazy wife appeared, holding this overblown photo of Don Knotts from the old "Andy Griffity Show".  She is quite proud of herself for scaring the hell outta' me.

But, don't worry---I'll get her back!

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