Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Corner Bakery

Our Little Restaurant
Our prayer group meets Tuesday mornings at 7:00 at The Corner Bakery.  There are six of us in our little group, and we have become close friends and brothers in Christ.  Today, I brought my camera and took a few pictures of our time together as we visited and discussed "Simple", Robert Morgan's book about the simplicity of being a Christian.
Mayra, Our Beautiful Server
Our first vision inside the Corner Bakery is that of Mayra, our beautiful server.  She is so cheerful!  She fills our orders for coffee and breakfast, and she always reinforces our good mood with her personality.

Darrell, Our Newest Member

Paul & Croissant

Darrell & Pannini
We sit at a table and eat our breakfasts and drink our coffee and catch up with what has been going on with each other over the past week.

Bill Holding Connor's New Crib Quilt
Debbie, Paul's wife, is a seamstress, and she has made a crib quilt for Bill's new grandbaby, Connor.

Then, we start discussing our reading assignment---today, it was chapter 1.  The burning question:  "How do you know you are going to heaven?"  This is a deep and sometimes troubling topic.  But, the discussion is lively and meaningful.

After two large mugs of java, a great discussion and comradeship, I am off for home, where Cindy will want to know what we discussed.


  1. Thanks for sharing some about your Bible study group. It has been such a positive influence in your life.

  2. there is a troubling lack of accuracy in this report. There at seven members of the Cornerstone Disciples, not six.

    Humble and Accurate Scribe

  3. What a great way to have breakfast. Nice.

  4. It's nice you make the time for this important aspect of your life and to be able to share it with friends old and new. A special way to begin your day...(after your walk that is!)

    You do a whole lot in the morning Clint...I'm impressed! :)

  5. It is always nice, to catch up with close friends.
    I can see from the pictures, that everybody
    is happy in life...
    This is the important part in one's life.
    To live life with happyness, joy and good