Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Before and After....

Before I let my hair grow out
All my life I have worn my hair short.  This was originally prompted by my dad, whose favorite advice to me as a teenager was always "GET A HAIRCUT!!!"

Then, when I moved away from home and got established in business, almost all men wore their hair short.  This was expected.  Show up in front of a customer with a longer hairdo and run the risk of not being taken seriously.  I don't know why that was, but it was that way.
After Shampooing

Well, I retired last year and decided I wanted to see how my hair looked longer.  So, I went about five months without a haircut.  I looked pretty darn shaggy.  Then one fine day I shampooed and got my hair cut and styled.  Never had my hair styled before because I never had it long enough.

Here are the pics of before, after shampooing, and after styling.
After Styling
After Styling

NOTE:  These pics were taken several months ago---my hair is much longer now as I continue to let it grow.  I especially like it when my friends tell me I need a haircut.  I just smile.


  1. Hey, Clint!
    Ha ha...
    I remember those friends in school use water and sugar to stick their hair to the scalp! Ha ha
    Have a wonderful week and hair cut till Friday!
    Regards!Ha ha

  2. Ha!---thanks, Wind. Hair cut is probably next week. Have a great one....

  3. Thank you, NC---love your blog so much!

  4. Love this - this post makes me laugh...especially the shampoo shot! Very handsome!!

  5. DW & D---Thank you! I had fun "letting my hair out"