Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Morning

I rolled outta' the sack at 5ish this morning and immediately got on the trusty ole computer to catch up with my friends on Blogger.  I was really taken in by my friend Lloyd at his blog, Solid Rock or Sinking Sand.  Bless you and your wife today, Lloyd.

Man!---That Cantaloupe is Sweet!
After I had caught up on my reading, the hunger pangs began.  Woman said she was going to cook up one of my favorites---sausage balls and eggs, but she said it would take a few minutes.

Start With Grated Cheddar Cheese and Sausage
In the meantime, I found some delicious cantaloupe to delay the growling of my stomach.  Ahhhh.

Add the Bisquick
Meanwhile, the sausage balls were coming along nicely, along with the scrambled eggs.  Mmmmmmm.

And Three Tablespoons of Milk to Hold it Together
Hey!---a guy's gotta eat!  And I got a busy day comin' up.  Goin' to Home Depot for boxes for our upcoming move.  Then, woman has informed me that I will be packin' stuff today. 

They Are Ready for the Oven
I have learned to pretty much do what I'm told.  Usually.  Well, OK....sometimes.

Into the Oven
Cindy says the sausage balls are easy to make---bisquick, grated sharp cheddar cheese and sausage---but the key is three tablespoons of milk to help the mixture stick together.

The Finished Masterpiece!  Sausage Balls, Scrambled Eggs and Mixed Fruits  Ahhhhhh.
OK, gotta go!  Have a great Saturday, everyone!


  1. hey, at least cindy feeds you well for your busy day o' chores!!! :) gotta love a good spouse!

  2. Lecker, lecker!
    Have a nice weekend you and Cindy.
    Many greetings Sabine

  3. mmm, i love a good breakfast! i've got john doing work today, too, but all i made him for breakfast was coffee. maybe i'll treat him to a nice lunch.=)

    enjoy your weekend, clint and cindy!=)

  4. Food looked delicious thanks to Cindy,

    You too have a wonderful week-end.


  5. mmm yummy! Sausage and Cheese balls was my specialty started out Christmas only then one boss had to have them often. Each "food day" in our department my name was already signed up lol.
    Have a great day!!

  6. I love sausage balls, too. They have been around a long time but I have never heard anyone complain where I have seen them served.

    This tip of adding a little milk has made the sausage balls so much easier to form and taste better.

  7. Nice post. :) Great start to the day.

    Is the sausage raw or cooked when you add it to the mix?

  8. Rebecca---the sausage is added to the mix raw and then formed into golf ball sized pieces and then cooked in the oven. It's pretty easy---if anyone wants the recipe I'll be happy to post it.

  9. Looks yummy, Clint and just the thing to start you off for a "full" day. :)

  10. Um, seeings how your 'woman' makes you those nice meals, I see no reason why you don't do what your told 'all the time'.

  11. THis is such a delightful, heartwarming post to read at 5:50 in the morning. You were right to start with fruit - because fruit is best eaten first thing in the morning.

    I love the sausage balls that Cindy prepared. We don't get Bisquick here in our country... unless I lived in Manila which is an international city and has everything... but here in laid back rural urban Bacolod City... no, sir. Can you ask the wife, what is a good substitute for Bisquick? Will hotcake mix work? Or can I make it from scratch?

    Bake for how long?

    And in the picture, what was the powdery stuff sprinkled over the scrambled eggs?

    Too many questions... but that shows I'm interested.

    Prayin for you and Cindy as you prepare to make the big move.


  12. Lidj---I posted a short blog that has the recipe for sausage balls and also answers your questions. I hope you like this as much as I do!

  13. Clint, I'm going to make these sausage balls! They look delicious! I usually make pancakes and bacon on Saturday mornings but next Saturday I'm going to try this recipe. I love cantaloupe too!

  14. ok. tomorrow. this looks too good

  15. I am hungry :-)))

    Have a beautiful sunday


  16. Looks fabulous! No wonder the recipe was requested by many. Have a great day, Inger

  17. hmmm looks yummy! i might give it a shot this week!