Friday, April 1, 2011

Hoarding Bloggers?

About a year ago, I was introduced to the cable TV show, "Hoarders".  This weekly series quickly achieved success, probably because most people can in some way identify with the phenomenon of hoarding.

Hoarding is defined as "the collection of a large number of items, along with the inability to discard them".

The television show is a documentary series in which each week different individuals are followed in their homes.  Most of these pathological personalities have acquired so much "stuff" in their homes that they are unable to even move around in their own living quarters.

Their kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, garages, etc are all crammed with "stuff", none of which is of any worth or use to the hoarder.

All of us, in one way or another, have an innate tendency to keep things we feel may have value, even if we know that object will never be of use to us.  Most of us have that tendency under control, and we are able to discard those things that we know are of no use to us.

Which brings me to the subject at hand---on-line bloggers that hoard.

This is a condition that I have noticed in my blogging over the past year.  There are individuals who have begun---and continued---to acquire apps, widgets, do-dads, cutsies on their blog site until the site is completely loaded with "junk".  It is like walking into the house of a hoarder---you cannot get around or navigate.

It is time consuming to open the blog because all the widgets and what-not take forever to load.  It is tiresome to try to leave a comment because the comment form takes forever to load.  Navigating around the blog is tedious for the same reason---there is just too much "stuff" on there.

I personally like to comment on the blogs of my friends, even if it is just to let them know I was a visitor; but it is not easy when you have many blogs to view and there are a few that hold you up as you wait for loading to occur.

Shouldn't a blog be loadable withing a few seconds---or, at least, a timely manner? 

Your thoughts?


  1. I only have my awards oh and my Paul Mckenna videos.My music is way down the bottom of my page out of sight. I do tend to hoard at home though so if I moved I wouldn'y know where to start.

    Thanks for the visit,
    Have a good week-end;

  2. HAhaha, hoarding bloggers. I hate when you get hit up with ever ad known to man when all you want to do is read what they have to say, not get a sales pitch. Yeah, your right, sometimes it is to much.

  3. I agree! I think hoarding takes many forms. I try to keep my blog site free of "junk"'s so tempting to add the latest button/gadget/meme or whatever but I try to keep it simple. I have SO many blogs in my reader, I don't list them in my side bar. I'm more interested in content than "look" anyway. It is frustrating to have to wade through a lot of "cyber junk." One of my pet peeves is not being able to find the comment button, lol!

    That is a fascinating show! It is great to watch when you need motivation to clean. One of my favorites was "How clean is your House" with the two British ladies. I think we watch these shows because, to be honest, seeing folks with worse problems (like a dirtier house) makes us not feel so bad about ourselves. I know I've been guilty!!

    Good post!

  4. Haha I agree the blogs should load quickly, I try and limit my gadgets. My browser Firefox seems to get stuck for some reason- but not just on blogs. I like to comment too. It can be lonely being a blogger. We watch the Hoarder TV show as well. It's so scarey what people will stack up.

  5. Yvonne---Your blog is a delight. I love everything about it!

    Jane---I know---blogging is such a great experience in its pure form, but when too much stuff gets in the way, it definitely takes away from the fun.

    Kimberly---I hate to admit it, but it was difficult for me to NOT watch that show when it first came out. I think most people identify with that neurotic condition.

    Karen---it can be "lonely" being a blogger. I think that is because many people do not understand blogging. But we love your blog, so keep it up!

  6. I understand what you mean about "loading time". In the past, many moons ago, I learned about website design and one of the biggest parts of putting a website together was how fast do your images and other graphics load. If the website I created was to slow to load up on the screen for me then something had to change. And now, after having a stroke, my focus is okay but times where too much is going on I cannot focus. This applies to websites too. I think that people forget who might be their audience. Too many blinking, flashy and just a lot of icons will turn some away. If a blog, we want to read and enjoy what is being shared, at least for most of us, and not feel like we walked into the mall or some crowded street.
    I won't go into hoarding subject lol. I watch the show and from family experiences know. Have a great day!!

  7. I think this blog post is an important one. You already have such great contributions on the subject in the comments. I know I have some strong tendencies to hoard. Watching the Hoarding shows has helped me some. I am one of those that feels if I throw away my grandfather's old handwritten grocery list that it will mean I don't/didn't love him. The same applies to my old handwritten family recipes. No matter how much I know it is not rational, it is hard for me to throw away such items. I can identify with some of the pain felt by the hoarders on the TV show.

    If I can only realize if I throw away a scrap of paper associated with a loved one, it does not mean I didn't love them.

    It almost brings tears to my eyes to type this.

  8. Sara---You raise important points. A blogger naturally wants others to read her/his thoughts. If it is too much trouble to wade thru the clutter, there is a good chance the blog will not be read. Thanks for your thoughts!

  9. My problem with reading blogs nowadays is some blogs fonts are getting smaller and smaller. My eyes do need glasses that I don't wear but the small fonts really not making it easy:(

    Some template designs I think can take time to load. Anyways hoarding bloggers sound cute:)

  10. I'm a blogger hoarder but in another way - I hoard too many blogs I like to read! Spend WAY too much time in bloggerville!!!

  11. ha! that hoarding show is pretty crazy. from birth it seems we are conditioned to identify and pacify ourselves with things... blankies, binkies, toys...

    as for the blogs, i've had to clean mine up a few times because i was accumulating too much stuff... i hope mine isn't one that gives you an issue loading!=)

  12. Ocean Girl---I try to use a larger font when I post. My eyes ain't what they used to be, either!

    Texwis---I know. I have a slight problem in that I try to keep up with my followers who post regularly, and it is time consuming. I dunno how y'all with hundreds of followers do it!

    Kelli---No, I assure you that yours is not one I was writing about! Love your blog.

  13. If too many widgets on the blog, then it is indeed difficult to load it quickly. I have a fast graphics card on the computer and enough memory. Actually I like widgets. But it should be limited.
    Have a nice Weekend.
    Greetings Sabine

  14. Too much of any good thing can become a bad thing, except you cannot have too much Jesus! Have a blessed weekend

  15. Good luck with this, Cliff :-). I couldn't agree with you more but we live in an age of acquisition. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  16. So true--if a blog takes too long to load, I'm outta there!

  17. I agree, and I am always happy if another blogger tells me if something is wrong.

    Have a great weekend and greetings


  18. Oh dear, SO true! I remember the good old days when blogs were mainly textual! Now, there are photos, videos, widgets, etc. I have a travel blog and I sure like the ability to add photos... and unfortunately, photos can take a long time to load.

    But I agree, it's best to try to keep the blog as streamlined as possible. I know how hard this can be where there is so much stuff out there!