Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Good Book(s).......

My Bibles.  Each One Has The Same Message, But Each One Has Its Own Distinct Personality

When I was 9 years old, my parents enrolled me in Confirmation classes.  When I was officially confirmed, I was presented with a small, black leather bible with a zipper to protect it when not in use.  Unfortunately for me, I left the church the first chance I got and never even saw that bible again until a couple of years ago.

I Was Given This Little Zippered Bible When I was Confirmed at Age Nine

I Was Presented This Bible Three Years Ago After I had Served As President Of Our Sunday School Class

My Daughter Gave Me This Bible Several Years Ago

This Wonderful Old King James Version Belonged to My Grandfather Clinton

Fortunately for me, I rediscovered Jesus in later life, even though He had never left me.  At that time, I began to discover other bibles in my life---like those of my grandfather Clinton and new ones presented to me by my daughter and wife and a friend. 

Inscription In My Grandfather's Bible

Inscription In My Grandfather's New Testament Reads "Gorin, Missouri, 1918, Presented to Fred Clinton by Mother"

Funny thing, you know---I have found that each of these books has its own distinct personality, even though the message is exactly the same.
This is My "Everyday" bible.  It is so Very Easy To Read and Understand---Given to Me By Cindy


  1. The bible that Bob and I use belonged to Bob's dad. It contains a record of family births and deaths that we have maintained since becoming its keepers. It is also very difficult to read because of its size. I'm able to use the internet when I need to read specific passages. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. The Bible is not only a religious and mystical book,
    The Bible is a wonderful book that everyone should read regardless of religion ...

  3. These are priceless to you Clint, you must be very proud of them.
    A few years ago I was going through old boxes and found a prayer book, inside it said
    To Yvonne love mum Easter 1954, I was 10 years old, it brought a lump to my throat.

  4. What a rich heritage you have! Isn't it interesting that the records in family Bibles are considered legal documents?

    By the way, Clint, two things:

    1) I couldn't wait til Saturday to make the sausage balls, so I made them yesterday. They were a hit! Except for my little one, she loathes sausage, lol! But I stuck some in the freezer! I made mine the size of baseballs, lol! I know they should be smaller, but...then you only need to eat one! :) Thanks for sharing the recipe!


    2)Thank you so much for your comment on my latest post. You have no idea how it touched me. Sorry to be such a downer, I really didn't mean for that post to publish, I thought I was "drafting" it, lol! But God had other plans. THanks for your friendship and prayers. I'll definitely be looking you up next time I'm in TN!!!! I would love to sit and sip coffee and eat sausage balls with you and your lovely wife! :)

  5. Mary---you make a good point about how easy it is to look things up in an instant on the 'net. I do it almost every day. Also, it is wonderful to see the old, large, "Family" bibles that contain a record of births, deaths, marriages, etc.

    Laura---I agree. You don't have to be a Christian to see the beauty and truth. God bless you, my friend.

    Yvonne---we apparently are the same age. I was born in '44. It does make me pause deeply when I discover an old "message" from a loved one in my past. It is like they are speaking to us from the next life.

  6. Kimberly---I'm so glad you like the sausage/cheese balls. But...the size of baseballs? OMG! Those are some major league snacks!

    You BETTER "look me up" when you are in the Volunteer State. Just say a little prayer that all goes well with this move. Only three more weeks and it'll hopefully be over and we can start to get back to normal, whatever THAT is. Ha.

  7. I love Bibles. But I guess you knew that ;) I have my Grandma's Bible from when she passed. A zipper one, and all sorts of versions- even one done in cartoons. Same message in all. :) Thanks for sharing.

  8. Yes, Bibles ... the most important books you can own. I know I sure need to OPEN mine and READ, I am sorry to say I have neglected this recently.

  9. I have a collection and yes each one has their own personality and history. The message is so needed everyday! Thank you for sharing your bibles.

    btw: My maiden name is Ellison but the name has a unique history in my dad's side of the family.

  10. Wow, Sara! Maybe we're related! I come from a long line of horse thieves and yankees on my mom's side. Fought on both sides in the civil war. You'll have to share your Ellison name history some time!

  11. I have a Bible that was presented to me on the day of my high school graduation May 1960. It means a lot to me. I added myself as a follower. God Bless You.

  12. There is a shelf in our bookcase that looks exactly like that. My King James Version is so beaten up because I do read it all the time, but I will not change it for a newer version. Thanks for the blessings you sent in my diabetes post.--Inger

  13. Clint, you have such treasures..first the photographs and now these Bibles. How blessed are you!!

  14. I love this post, Clint. It makes your bibles so personal, because of the story behind each one of them.

    Loved too the inscriptions that you photographed to show us.

    ANd the old photo on the post before this... so fascinating! The clothes are definitely authentic...

    Enjoyed my visit here today, as I always do.


  15. Oh how wonderful! I love having one in each type of "personality". A plus to each of them....and all together make it wonderful to study:)

  16. How wonderful, what a precious heritage. I too have my first Bible given to me by my sister when I was 16yrs. I must remember that and rejoice in it as you have shown here. Yes our Bibles especially with the different inscriptions and underlinings from studies show and teach so much..
    I have been dealing with injustice this past week and my usually placid nature has been warring. But when we turn our eyes upon Jesus, all the anger cools and we know that, "All things work together for good."
    I didn't loose my cool, I wasn't rude to anyone, but in my heart, I was distressed. Thank you for your gentle heart. Gods Word is ever true and more important than our feelings.

  17. What a treasure you have. I am intrigued by your Grandfather's Bible. I was also intrigued by your name Ellison, it sounded so familiar. Silly me.

    We have a Bibles too on our shelf as a reference for me of the Old Testament, a one other was a gift to my son from his friend.

  18. Clint,
    I know exactly what you mean. I pick up my grandmothers, and my husbands bible and tjey all have different memories. Same message. Different memories.

  19. Thanks for the visit and comment MUAHH!!! back to you.

    Ps. Yes I was born in "44" don't feel my age....yet. I agree about finding things and messages. My husband passed away on 11th Sept 98 and 6 months later I was sorting through some of his jackkets , inside was a packet on opening it there was a cross and chain with a note saying"If you find this you know I didn't make it"It was supposed to have been my christmas present 3 months previously.