Friday, April 8, 2011


One of those universal circumstances of life that we all share as human beings is the apology.  There are times when each of us should apologize to another for some slight; and there are also occasions when each of us is on the receiving end of an apology.

I have found that apologizing to another person is sometimes difficult.  I realize that the difficulty often lies with ME---my ego gets in the way when I admit I was wrong, or maybe my pride (a sin) does not want to admit fault.

On the other hand, receiving an apology from another individual can also be a challenge.  Sometimes I find myself secretly saying to myself, "Maybe I'll forgive you, but I won't forget!"   This attitude is also wrong-headed.

Have you ever apologized to someone who would not accept your apology, or who made it very difficult for you to fully apologize?  I have, and it is an uncomfortable experience.

Jesus encourages us to apologize when we are at fault.  He tells us that grace is interrupted until we make things right with our neighbor.

Your thoughts, please...........


  1. I pray that God will forgive my sins, I ask for forgiveness from my parents constantly, and I pray to God that He'll forgive my sins towards my husband.

  2. Yes, I have met someone who will not accept apologies. I once had reason to apologize to this person. After thinking about it, I realized it was his loss, and that I really apologized to feel better since I really didn't want to hurt his feelings with what I said. For him it was just another power game.--Inger

  3. graciousness from both parties goes a long way, but can surely be difficult. and accepting an apology with true forgiveness? yikes!

  4. One needs to be a good forgiver, especially in such a close relationship as marriage.

    A good blog subject! ♥

  5. And you are so lucky that I am a wonderful forgiver. Snicker.

  6. Great post Clint. I think that when believers become more "Christ-centered" instead of "self-centered" it becomes easier to humble yourself and admit that you were wrong. Before I became a follower of our Lord Jesus, I recall there were several times that I should have asked forgiveness from someone that I had hurt but my pride became a stumbling block.

  7. A great post Clint. If I know I am in the wrong saying sorry comes naturally to me, BUT if I know I am right I will fight tooth and nail to prove my point,


  8. ... and you know I am a good forgiver,too.

    (double snicker here)

  9. Apologies can be hard and sometimes it takes time to apologize especially when both sides are at fault, at least for me. Sometimes after apologizing, with my whole heart, still doesn't work. I can't make the person accept my apology. And even sometimes people don't ask for forgiveness but as Jesus taught that we should forgive. Doesn't mean we should go around forgiving freely but if one truly asks then forgive. God doesn't just say He forgives, we must ask! (Colossians 3:13; Mark 11:25-26)

    Thanks for this post! Have a great day!

  10. I have stood guilty of all of these. And it is not fair to say I am human. We are suppose to be new creatures. I have to work on these all the time. OH ME!!!

  11. Oh yes, more than twenty years ago as a really good girlfriend tried to get my friend. As for me, the friendship was over. I have indeed listened to the apology, but it was over for me.


  12. Ahhhh...the trick to relationships.
    It's tough....but the freedom in forgiveness and forgiving is sweet!!! Nothing like it. I really do know!

  13. Hello,
    I like your post on apologies. I believe these verses in Matthew 5:23 &24 are very important for the one who is contemplating "brushing under the rug" this very important act of obedience to Jesus.
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  14. Hi Clint -

    There is value is seeking forgiveness and in giving forgiveness. It is a strong exercise to do both.

    Yes, I have sought to be forgiven and not felt that I was...but our Lord assured me that my role was to seek the forgiveness. Once that was done, my account was cleared with Him. I obeyed GOD. My role was NOT to provide the forgiveness but to seek it, which I did. That made me free. As for the person who perhaps decided not to forgive me...they are not free, for that reason, and probably some other reasons. May our Lord save and deliver that person fully from all sins. That is my prayer.

    I apologize with ease - it was progressive to get there. What I don't do is apologize simply because someone believes that I should. Sometimes they are wrong, and believe that I am.
    If our Lord leads me to apologize, I obey Him.

    My experience has been that sometimes people don't want to own their own misdeeds so they elect to attempt to put others on guilt trips. For some, their attempts succeed.

    I believe in owning my own "baggage" and refuse to own someone's else's. I apologize for mine but am disinclined to be prey to guilt trips because others dont want to, or don't know how to take responsibility for their own vain baggage.

    Love them - yes - forgive them - yes - fools for them - no.

  15. Hi Clint,
    As I was reading this I was thinking about Fonzie when he tried to apologize. He never could get it out.