Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Everyone ought to have to move at least once every ten years.  It does have benefits.  For one, you get to explore all your closets and drawers and storage space and discover all the junk you had put away thinking you would some day use it.  You didn't and won't.

My, the crap that is being given to Goodwill and the garbage collector.  Why didn't we just throw it away to begin with?

And secondly, all the planning that is required --- packing stuff in the correct order, lining up the cut-off and turn-on dates for water, gas, electricity, trash removal, etc. keeps the mind sharp, keeps you thinking.

And third, you have to repeatedly deal with "customer service" reps on the phone.  This is good in the larger scope of things because it keeps you humble.  You are at the mercy of something very perplexing and much larger than you. 

It is written over and over in the bible that humility is most desirable.  "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."

Let me give you an example of just one such conversation from yesterday --- this with the Dish satellite TV network :

Me:  Hi.  I need to discontinue my Dish service because I am moving.

Dish rep:  What is your account number?

I just recited that into your answering recording.

I know but you'll have to tell me again.

Why?  I already gave it to you.  You don't have it?

No, we don't see it.

Well,why do they ask for it then?

It is for management's information.

That's stupid.  OK---my account number is TXP-9834186-HP-201

Could you repeat that?

Grrrrrrrr......... TXP-9834186-HP-201

What is your address?

Well, if you have my account number, you should also know my address.

I have to pull that up on the screen.  It would be faster for you to tell me your address.

Pull it up on the screen.

(30 seconds of silence)

Icily.......You are Clint?


And you want to discontinue your Dish service because you are moving?

(DUH)  Yes

I will transfer your call to our marketing department for further processing---please have your account number handy....

Multiply conversations like this one by 20 and you start to get the idea of what it is like to prepare for a move.  And I haven't even got to the packing, scheduling part yet.  And people wonder why I like an occasional martini....

I can't wait to inherit the earth.


  1. i feel your pain! i've moved four times in the past 10 years. when i moved in with john his eyes about popped out of his head when he saw all the crap i've accumulated. since then i've been decluttering, and actually, i'm about to declutter again today! (i wouldn't want to end up on that hoarders show...=)

  2. Funny...but not so funny! And I bet to top it all off, the person on the other end had an accent that you had a hard time understanding. I always ask the CSR where they are from, and I've gotten all kinds of interesting answers! Nicauragua, Bangalore, Manila...I always end up in a chat with them about the weather, about what time it is there, never know what part of the world you'll hit!

    My hubby worked for Jewelry Television for several years (home base in Knoxville, by the way) and also US Cellular for a few years (huge call center in K'ville too)and he always had stories. It's a tough job from both ends of the phone!

  3. A good blog! And to think after all the calls yesterday, I was on the phone this morning from 6:09 am to 8:00 am on the dot with someone across the world fixing their computer security system that had failed on my computer.

    Kimberly, if you see this did your husband ever know Tamera (sp?), a hostess on the Jewelry TV show? I used to know her when I lived in TN.

  4. oh those are painful, yes. but keep in mind how fortunate you are to 1) have sold your lovely home here and 2) to have purchased a great new home in TN. there's pain in the process but surely reward too!!! hang in there, and drink heartily when needed!

  5. I feel your pain too. I hate dealing with any utility company. Makes you want to smash something by the time the phone call is over and more times than not you didn't accomplish the thing you called to do. For example be prepared to still get a direct TV bill. And when you call back to get it credited they will say they have no record of your call. Frustrating.

  6. It's quite annoying. Every time you call at an institution, you end up in a call center and must again and again to tell his story. Useful sar but a central server where all your data is stored. Then, each department can access it. This is not exactly customer friendly.
    Greetings Sabine

  7. Kelli---I think there's a little hoarder in all of us. That show has really made me aware of our need to be realistic about what we should---and should not---keep.

    Kimberly---Cindy wants to know if you or your husband ever knew Tamara on the Jewelry TV show in Knoxville. Cindy knows her.

    Texwis---You are correct. I am blessed. No pain, no gain. Sigh.

    Jane---You and I think exactly alike on this. They will screw up the billing and claim it's my fault. Seriously---I can sorta' understand why some folks go "postal".

    Sabine---They make it difficult for the customer to talk with customer service because they are hoping the customer will just get frustrated and hang up.

  8. haha i Know!
    Try moving to another continent! We had our "stuff" in a container for 6 months... no fun...

    Thanks for sharing

  9. Me too!
    I moved from Germany to Greece.
    With all my furniture in a container.
    But I must say.. The German moving company,
    fantastic. Nothing broken!

  10. Only an ocassional Martini???????????


  11. Hi Clint,

    I enjoyed reading your post. Humility....

    Have fun monvig :)

  12. Leontien---I cannot even imagine how bad an international move would be.

    Monika---Please send your German movers to the rescue in the USA!!!

    Yvonne---Shhhhhhh! :)

    Ken---Thanks for reading and commenting, my friend.

  13. Oh Clint, I feel your pain. It is not a joyful thing to move oneself from one location to another and begin life again. It is important to keep up with one or two familiar things during this time like sitting down to watch your favorite television program with a nice glass of wine and shutting out all the stresses of the day, or being alone with God in your quiet place and being thankful it wasn't s worse day than it was (not easy to do, I know). Deep breathing helps! I leave you with this saying (author unknown) "May your troubles be less, your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door." :)

  14. I understand a codicil has been added to that beatitude :-). Don't expect too much. Have a wonderful evening, Clint. Blessings...Mary

  15. All I can say is better thee than me. Hopefully I have made my last move.
    Thank you for stopping by TNS. I'll check that post of yours you mentioned.

  16. Ohhhhhhhhh.....I hate such "conversations", telling twice or more often always the same things.

    your grrrrrrrrrrrrrr is really the best titel for the situation.


  17. I am with you Clint, I did the same thing last year to discontinue service of cable, of course they asked me why I told them I was moving and they have no service where I am moving to. He said ok. Would you like to transfer the service to your new home? I said would you really string wire just to connect me? Yes we can hook you up. I said fine, then do it. They asked where I was moving I told them, he said oh we have no service out there! I said I know, I thought you were going to string wire just for me!
    The gas company still calls me to save on my gas bill, I don't have natural gas, are you going to put pipes in for me, so I can save money, or have you started selling propane?
    Oh me...

  18. This is another good post - helps me connect with what's going on in another part of the world. Funny (not funny) conversation with the DISH rep. And the discarding, sorting out, throwing away. Yes you are right - the experience of moving is surely beneficial to all of us.

    Imagine what the Israelites had to go through in the wilderness... they had to watch the clouds everyday and fold up tent when the clouds started to move... or Abraham...

    I believe you have already inherited a huge chunk of the earth... and this goes for many of us (yes I include myself) who have practiced meekness time and time again... I think meekness lets us recover enemy territory!

    Great post, Clint.


  19. Clint, Clint, Clint, Clint, Clint! I am SO with you on all points, Bro. I hate it when they repeatedly ask you to give them your account number. ONCE oughta do it!

    If I was nearby, I'd come over and help ya pack and move. In our 37+ years of marriage, Wendy and I have lived in something like 28 different domiciles - maybe ten different US states and two other countries. Moving. >>>sigh<<<

    At this point in my life, I'm not a big fan.