Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ten Memorable Books

Cindy and I awoke around 3:00 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep.  Frustrating.  We somehow started talking about the most memorable books we each had read.  After thinking about this subject for a few minutes, I realized this might make a great blog topic.

Of course, it is impossible to come up with ten books that are the best, especially after one has lived a few years and read quite a bit.  Nonetheless, I put together this list of ten that have been very memorable for me.  What books are most memorable in your life?

Timeless Wisdom Through the Ages
---The Bible.  Nothing comes close to this timeless wisdom.  Here is our definitive guide to this life....and the next.

Originally Copyrighted in 1929, This Wonderful Little Book Opened My Eyes to The World of Verse
---101 Famous Poems.  My mother read to me from this book when I was just a boy, and it instilled in me a love for poetry.

Bruce Catton's 1963 History of the Civil War Was the First Time I Ever Read History That Was Written as A Story in A Most Interesting Style
---Terrible Swift Sword.  Bruce Catton's second book of his masterful trilogy of the Civil War.  I read this when I was in my teens, and I never knew history could be so interesting.  This book started me on my fascination with American history.

If You Want to Know How to Live Your Life By Faith in God, Read This 2003 True Story By Mary Dunham Faulkner
---Gentle Wisdom for Tough Times.  I read this little book almost by accident, and it made an enormous impact.  Mary Dunham Faulkner describes a real-life family that lived their lives together through faith in God.  This is an example of how we should all live.

There is No Better Way to Start Your Day Than With The Daily Readings From Mrs. Charles E. Cowman's 1928 Devotional Masterpiece
---Streams in the Desert.  Mrs. Charles E. Cowman's classic daily scripture readings that always uplift.

Phenomenal Writing From a Storytelling Master, Cormac McCarthy, 1979
---Suttree.  Cormac McCarthy's semi autobiographical novel that is perhaps the best writing I have ever read. What a storyteller!

A Treasure Trove of Americana in Diane Ravitch's 1990 Classic Compilation
---The American Reader.  Diane Ravitch's compilation of the most significant speeches, songs, discertations and poems in American history.

Has There Ever Been A Better Storyteller Than Jack London?...1903
---The Call of the Wild.  Jack London's classic story.

You Will Laugh.  You Will Cry.  You Will THINK in Mitch Albom's 2003 Classic.  On the New York Times Best Seller List For 95 Consecutive Weeks
---The Five People You Meet in Heaven.  Mitch Albom's story that makes you think and cry with joy.

James Agee's 1958 Pulitzer Prize Winning Novel, Set in Knoxville, Tennessee, Explores Family and Societal Dynamics in Death. 
---A Death in The Family.  James Agee's Pulitzer Prize winning novel that cuts to the heart of family and societal dynamics when a loved one passes away.

What are some of your most memorable books?


  1. Great post! Before too long you will be finding out my 10 most memorable books of my life.

  2. The Bible is the only book I've ever paid much attention too. I've read a few others but none seem to come to mind at this time.


  3. Thank you for sharing, God Bless everyone!!!


  4. For a very quick answer to you..
    Many books by Heinrich Boell,
    one has the title "Group picture with Lady",
    "The catcher in the rye" by J.D. Salinger
    and "Look homeward Angel" be Thomas Wolfe..
    I almost forgot ALL book by Hermann Hesse!

    Wish you a pleasant Sunday!

  5. Bible

    RENE HUYGHE, dialogue avec le visible
    JULIO CORTAZAR , selection of stories
    F BRAUNSTEIN, the great myth of history
    SALVADOR DALI. the journal of a genious
    JERZY KOSINSKI, the painted bird
    Rilke, poetry

    all in the same time...ha ha
    Have a great week!

  6. Nice selection of very interesting books Clint.
    In agreement with you, my number one choice would be The Bible also, everything else is secondary for 'The Bible' is truly timeless, in every aspect. Thank you for a great post. Wishing you and Cindy a very nice and relaxing Sunday evening...
    Kind regards, Maria

  7. Old Geezer---there are times when I read the timelessness of the bible that I also wonder why I bother reading anything else.

    Monika---great selections! Thank you.

    Wind---excellent choices, as well. Thank you!

    Maria---Thank you for commenting. Hoping you had a great weekend!

  8. What a great list you have compiled here! I'm interested to ask my father if he knows of the Bruce Catton book as he only reads American History!!!

    Pillars of the Earth.

  9. wow are all good books, congratulations for your taste

  10. Dear Clint,
    i'm very glad that I found your blog. I make music myselfe and I love acustic guitars.
    Many Greetings form Kiel/Germany

  11. Sabine---thank you for following me. I am now following you. I would love to hear your music! Best wishes from Texas....