Friday, November 19, 2010

Our Most Excellent Adventure....Part I

Our Indispensible Map of the Branson Strip
Last Sunday Cindy and I were relaxing in our den, when we both got the same idea at the same time---LET'S GO ON A VACATION! 
Our Hotel in Branson
Talk about "spur of the moment"!  But, where should we go?  And when?  It took us about an hour to decide:  we would go to Branson, Missouri for two nights, and then spend a third night in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  We would leave the next day, around mid-morning.

There was much excitement as we busied ourselves with cleaning the house, packing our things for the trip and making hasty reservations.  We had never been to Branson before, and we thought that going in the off-season might be a real advantage, as we had heard of the immense crowds and traffic snarls that occur between May---December.

At 9:30 last Monday morning, Crazy Clint & Cindy hit the highway.  We traveled northeast from Dallas on Central Expressway, took highway 69 into Oklahoma, passed through the Indian Nation on Interstate 40, bent northward through northwest Arkansas, and traveled country roads into Missouri.  We reached Branson at 4:00 PM. 
We Were Excited to Finally Hit Branson's Famous "Strip"
We got lucky at our hotel---the lady working the front desk grew up in Branson and was an expert on getting around and knew about all the shows (at any given time there are over 100 shows to choose from).  Her advice on how to best navigate the crowded streets of Branson was priceless, and saved us a great deal of time and hassle.

We ordered tickets to two shows the next day---Clay Cooper's Country Show at 10:00 on Tuesday and The Acrobats of China in a 3:00 PM performance.  The tickets were delivered to our hotel that evening.
Clay Cooper is A Most Talented Country Singer
Clay Cooper Has Been Performing in Branson for Many Years
Clay Cooper is a country singer and is very good, with a great voice and lots of appeal.  The showroom was packed---there were twelve tour bus loads in attendance.  We enjoyed the two hour show, with several other acts included.  I guess you would call it a variety show, with dancing and comedy to go with the singing.
Dick's Five & Dime On Main Street is an Old Time Store

Cindy With Her New Friend on Main Street
It was lunchtime when the show ended, and we stopped at a little place on the strip for a light repast.  From there, we headed to the downtown Branson area.  The Old Town of Branson is often overlooked by the masses, who think only of the shows on the strip.  We were charmed by the old shops and cafes.  Dick's five and dime is a one of a kind, old time dime store from the 1940s.  Crammed with merchandise.  Crammed with shoppers and tourists.
Me (Left) Shaking Hands and Thanking a Few of The Chinese Acrobats for a Great Performance

The New Shanghai Theater Features the Incredible Acrobats of China
 After a short visit downtown, it was time to head back down the strip to the next show on our agenda---the Acrobats of China.  This performance by about two dozen acrobats from the city of Shanghai was phenomenal.  The performers are highly skilled and polished.  The charm of China is on display in a most positive way.  Cindy and I were thoroughly entertained by these wonderful acrobats.
King Kong Climbs the Empire State Building On Branson's Strip
One thing we noticed about the crowds of people on the streets and in the shows---they were all old and white and friendly.  We talked with many folks as we progressed through our visit, and all were so nice.  We met people from California, Nevada, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota and Connecticut.
Andy Williams' Moon River Theater & Grill is at the Center of the Strip
It was now 5:00---we were tired. We stopped at KFC for some chicken and then hit our room, where we discussed the day's events.  Branson was pretty special!
The Titanic Sails Again On The Branson Strip
The next day was a day of further exploration of Branson and driving to Eureka Springs.  I had booked us at the famous Crescent Hotel atop the mountain overlooking the town.  More about our visit to this wonderful little historic burg in tomorrow's blog, when we continue with Our Most Excellent Adventure....Part II.


  1. Oh it would be so nice to pick up and leave like that! Sounds like a fun trip and show! Of know I am stuck on the KFC visit! Crunchy fried chicken sounds sooo good right now!

  2. Wow...what a trip!
    I like when I know that you, my friends in blogging are ok and enjoy the new places!
    Please have a great weekend!
    Regards from Romania!

  3. wow you have indeed had fun in your adventurous step back into time... its fun looking at the 'olden day' stuff :O)
    God be with you wherever you tread and lay your head :O)