Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Am Thankful.......

I Am Thankful.......

---When someone thinks enough of me to read my blog
---When someone cares enough to comment on my blog
---For my wife and her cooking
---For my wife's patience
---For blood pressure medication that is effective and inexpensive
---For my Emmaus reunion prayer group
---For God's grace
---For the beauty and timelessness of the bible
---For dogs
---For my family
---For people who are courteous to other drivers behind the wheel
---For the joy of a well-made martini
---For an honest politician
---For Cindy's and my health
---For people who are humble
---For true friends
---For the beauty of the games of baseball and football
---For vintage country, folk and gospel music
---For what is left of freedom of speech
---For the deep, rich, incomparable sound of a good acoustic guitar
---For our heroic veterans

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!


  1. oh those are all such a lovely things...

    see you, hugs

  2. And Happy Thanksgiving to you to Clint.

  3. That's a very good thankful list Clint :-)

    Have a great Thanksgiving!


  4. The year has turned its circle,
    The seasons come and go.
    'The harvest all is gathered in
    And chilly north winds blow.
    Orchards have shared their treasures,
    The fields, their yellow grain,
    So open wide the doorway~
    Thanksgiving comes again!'
    ~Old Rhyme

    Happy, great Thanksgiving to you and to all you love!
    Best wishes from Romania!

  5. Monika, Jane and Old Geezer---thanks for your comments and HAVE A GREAT T-Day AND WEEKEND!

    Wind---thank you for the old rhyme---have a wonderful weekend --- from Texas.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
    Greetings from Athens..

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Here in Spain we don´t celebrate it but I´d love to do it. It is exciting to see everyone with their loved ones. I hope you enjoy the day. Kisses

  8. happy late thanksgiving!
    i just bumped into your blog!
    love it!

    ciao ciao from rome