Friday, November 5, 2010

Suddenly I am Very Tired Of.......

This is a different kind of post from my usual offering.  My wife uttered the statement, "Suddenly I'm very tired of______" this morning, and it registered deep within me.  I started thinking of the things in contemporary society that have become irksome at best and loathsome at worst to me.  This is not designed to offend anyone, but I know that it will offend everyone.  So be it.  But, not to worry---in the near future I will be offering a list of those things for which I am thankful.  Enjoy.

These are in no particular order:
Madam Speaker

---The phrase "At the end of the day...."

Please Sue Someone So We Can Make Some Big Money
---TV commercials by law firms encouraging people to sue

Darn!  Joe's Got Low T Again...
---Drug companies advertising drugs for non-existent or dubious conditions

There's Definitely No Fool Like An Old Fool
---Andy Griffith's TV ad for Obamacare.

Have I Told You Lately How Much I Love Me?
---Jerry Jones and his pathetic Dallas Cowboys

---The term "Going Green" and the phony "Global Warming" non-issue

Gloria Consoles One Of Tiger's Mistresses

A banker is a Guy Who'll Loan You an Umbrella When The Sun Is Shining, But Wants it Back When it Begins to Rain

---The democrat excuse for everything---"It's George Bush's fault"
---More US government spending and debt

Same to You, Fella
---Drivers who speed, cut in and out of traffic, run stop signs, and who are generally rude behind the wheel

---Airports and airlines


Li'l Wayne's Latest Mug Shot---and PS---Your "Music" Stinks

---Obama's trip to India, costing US taxpayers $200 million per day

I Can Only Imagine The Topic of Discussion
---Hugo Chavez

First Taste of Moonshine?
---Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
---The Iranian Government

Creepy Kim
---The North Korean Government

---The Chinese Government

---The US Government

I'm Not a Big Fan of War

This Picture Says it All
 ---Oil Companies

---The issue of "Gun Control"

Whatever it is, Paris....WE DON'T CARE
---Paris Hilton

My Name is O'Reilly, and I Have the World's Largest Ego
---Bill O'Reilly

It's A Bird!  It's A Plane!
---Barack Obama

Let's See---Has Anyone Seen My Other Personalities Lately?
---Mel Gibson

The Photographic Image of Spooky
---George Soros

Lindsay's Death Wish
---Lindsay Lohan


  1. Whew! I have to admit I laughed! I'm just very grateful MY picture did not appear above in this blog post entitled, "Suddenly very tired of ... "

  2. Oh my God, Clint..
    You made me laugh again. But from the other hand
    I am sick and tired of all this sh.. too..
    Monika (from very sunny Athens)))

  3. Thank you, Monika---I love you. :)

  4. To Monika-----Love love love love love

  5. Another great thing about personal blogs... you can say what ever the hell you want and people can chose to read it or not! I think I recall agreeing with most if not all :)

    Too funny!