Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Acoustic Guitars....What Great Friends!

My Three Guitars Are Each Different and Unique
When I was in college, I started to teach myself to play the guitar.   My room mate had a couple of Martins---one was a 6-string dreadnought and the other was a 4-string tenor guitar.  To make it easy on myself, I began learning on the 4-string.
Strumming My Old Friend, My 1973 Ovation Legend
Later, after I graduated, I scrounged up some money for a used Guild 6-string and I continued trying to learn to play on that.  In 1973, I traded in the Guild model for a new Ovation 6-string.  I still have that guitar today, and I love playing it.
The Distinctive Head of The Ovation Guitar
In fact, the Ovation has been with me on my travels as I worked my job in sales for 40 years or so.  There were a number of years when I would invite customers to wine and cheese get-togethers after working hours.  I would furnish the wines and the cheese and we would get to know each other.  I would also play my guitar and sing for them.  It was a wonderful way for us to become familiar with each other---and it always resulted in increased sales, too.
This Eastern Airlines "Fragile" Sticker Has Been On The Ovation Guitar Case For At Least 30 Years
I bought my Ovation in This Original Case in 1973
About 5 years ago I decided I needed another guitar.  I was being asked to perform for various audiences, and I required a pickup for my amp.  So, I decided on a Takamine 6-string with built-in electronics.  This guitar is a wonderful all-purpose instrument that can be enjoyed in front of a large group with amplification as well as just playing by myself.
My Takamine 6-String

The Head of My 6-String Takamine

The 12-String Guitar Produces a Rich, Full Tone
It Takes A While To String Up And Tune The 12-String Guitar
Then, three years ago I bought a 12-string Takamine.  This instrument has a beautiful, full sound.  It also has electronics on board, and I use it when I want to project a full, vibrant tone to the audience.
You Can Find Me In My "Studio" Most Afternoons Around 5:00

I keep my guitars in my "studio"---a converted bedroom of our home.  Every afternoon around 5:00, I sit down and play and sing.  My mood dictates which instrument I use on a day-to-day basis.
My Humble Studio
Each guitar has a different personality, different sound, different feel, different nuances.  I can almost hear the three guitars yelling at me when I enter the room to play--- "PICK ME!!!  PICK ME!!!
Three of My Best Friends.  Which Shall I Play Today?
I sit down with my chosen instrument and begin playing and singing---either gospel, folk, country or light rock.  I become lost in the therapy that music provides.  I love my guitars, and they love me.  With the exception of Jesus and my wife, there are no better friends.


  1. I am the lucky person who gets to hear the beautiful music every afternoon. Not many women hear live music while puttering around in the kitchen! The music is greatly appreciated ...

    ♥♥♥ ThAnK yOu! ♥♥♥

  2. And I am the lucky person who gets to eat the incredible culinary creations that originate in your kitchen. Your cooking is greatly appreciated...

    ♥♥♥tHaNk yOu!♥♥♥

  3. It is good to have something in life that we are passionate about and have a deep love. Some people never find the thing that gives them this pure joy. I am glad you have been able to have this lifelong creative outlet.

  4. Jane---thank you---you are so right. We know so many people who just go to work and go thru the motions of living without a hobby or something they are passionate about. God bless...

  5. What an amazing outlet for you! I can tell through your descriptions and words how much they are a part of who you are. They sure are beautiful instruments...

    I wish I could sing!

  6. Very interesting post about the Guitars you own and play.
    I have been wanting to buy one and start taking lessons. I've noticed they come in 36" and 34" size. How does a person know what size to buy, or does it matter? (maybe that's a dumb question to ask)
    I like the one in the middle of the top photo (the 1973 Ovation Legend)

    By the way... did you happen to see the post & video on my blog about Dave Gallaher and Phil Weaver (it's dated October 25) ?

  7. mmmm yummy 12 string!!
    Music is wonderful isnt it!
    I did six months of lessons when I was 12 before one of my many moves, and love my guitar, but oh so wish I could play better.
    Had an electric bass once, that was great fun, especially playing in a school band.
    But alas, my accoustic gathers too much dust.
    We have four guitars in our house, but none as nice as yours.
    My eldest had lessons until I couldnt afford them anymore, which was sad because the teacher said he had real talent. He still plays around with them at home, he has a small electric and practice amp and a 3/4 accoustic. We also have a good ole $9 op-shop one...
    My middle is getting a cheap but good electronic drum set for chrissy, He will have to teach himself to, alas.
    Youngest LOVES to sing, but would like to learn keyboard.
    Hhaha I've nearly told you our life story.. I promise I wont hijack your blog when you r not looking!!!
    Music is a gift, a beautiful gift from God...
    Thankyou for sharing about your passion and your pastime...
    Fill the air with joy brother!!!

  8. Design Wine & Dine---thank you. I can't imagine life without song. When I was a boy, I couldn't help but sing all day---just walking down the street, at school, wherever. Some people sing in the shower or the car, but I've got some tune floating thru my head all day.

  9. gloW---I would recommend taking up guitar to anyone who loves music and likes to spend a little time playing around with it.

    I personally would recommend a smaller guitar for anyone starting out. I actually began learning on a 4-string guitar (they are hard to find) and that helped me with the fingering. My first full sized guitar was a Guild that was also on the small side. I sounded great and it was easy for me to continue to progress in my playing.

    I like the Ovation because it is also small and lightweight and very easy to play. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a good instrument that you can learn on. God bless, and let me know how things go!

  10. Kaz---thank you for commenting!

    Wow...you have a musical family, starting with you! Now, let me tell you something about those four guitars you have sitting around the house: They are BEGGING to be played. You cannot hear them speaking to you and to each other during the day and night, but they are yelling at you and your children to "PLEASE PLAY ME!"

    I agree that music is a glorious gift from God.

    PS---feel free to hijack my blog anytime you wish! God bless.

  11. I love to be around folks that have a song in their heart and a happy look on their face.
    There are so few of them around these days. Seems everyone is grumpy & grouchy :(

  12. gloW---You got that right. Not sure what it is, but you can smile at someone these days and say "Hi", and half the time they'll just pass you by without speaking---or, worse yet, just grunt at you. Sheeez. Iam always reminded of that bible verse that says be courteous to everyone, for by doing so you might be entertaining angels unaware....

  13. Ich verstehe Deine Sprache besse als ich mich ausdrücken kann.
    Musik ist eine Gottesgabe - und wer Musik liebt, liebt auch die Menschen.
    Liebe Grüße

  14. There's music in the sighing of a reed;
    There's music in the gushing of a rill;
    There's music in all things, if men had ears:
    Their earth is but an echo of the spheres.
    ~Lord Byron

    I am glad that you two + those three those guitars are happy!