Monday, November 22, 2010

Iced Tea Tales......

My Simple, Refreshing, Healthful Glass of Iced Green Tea
 I don't know about you, but iced tea is a way of life around here.  In fact, ever since I was a kid, iced tea has been the potion of choice for meals and just sippin' between meals.
Two Green Tea Bags Are the Perfect Amount.  Just Tear Them Open and Empty Into Filter
Today, and for the past few years, I have settled on green tea as my standard drink.  My current taste in tea has been a part of a lifelong evolution.  When I was a youngster, I drank black tea that was heavily sugared.  Then, I started to add lemon to that.  After a few years, I got hooked on flavored tea---stuff like strawberry or raspberry.
Two Tea Bags in the Filter.  Perfect!
Then, older now and wiser, I got into a comfortable rut drinking unsugared black tea.  Now, I drink iced green tea with or without lemon---but never sweetened.
The Carafe Cools on the Patio Table
For one thing, green tea is supposed to be loaded with antioxidants, much more so than black tea.  Plus, to be honest with you, there is only a subtle taste difference between the two.  So, at our house today, I drink green tea exclusively out of my own container from the fridge, and Cindy drinks either black or white or some Godforsaken artificially flavored concoction, whatever her taste happens to be that day (she obviously has not matured in her tea taste as I have, but some day I am hopeful she will see the light and "go green").  She has her container and I have mine.
Cindy Currently is Drinking White Tea.  But Sometimes it is Black Tea.  Sometimes it is Flavored.  Who Can Say On Any Given Day?  She Adds Sugar, Splenda, Lemon, etc...
We make our tea as needed in an old coffee maker.  Put in a filter just as we would for coffee, then we take two tea bags of our tea of choice and tear them open and empty into the filter.  After brewing, the tea must be cooled down (cooling down is fast in the winter---we simply put the carafe outside in the cool air for an hour or so).

My Container (right) Holds Two Carafes of Tea and lasts Me About 4 Days.  It Holds Twice as Much as Cindy's Container, Which, as You Can See, is Empty Again.  Ha.
My tea container holds two full carafes of tea.  This means I only have to make tea for myself about once every 4---5 days.  Cindy's container is half the size of mine. 

You can drink tea hot or cold, with or without sugar or splenda or lemon, but tea is a drink that has been around for centuries, and is consumed all around the world.  Excuse me---gotta go's tea time.


  1. You and I have a love of tea in common. I always have loved it, still think Lipton is my favorite brand of black tea. I wish I could "go green" in my choice of tea, just don't care for the taste. Right now I am enjoying white.

  2. Great idea of making tea in a coffee maker.
    Why would anyone want to buy one of those Special Tea Makers when a Coffee maker will do the trick with one less gadget sitting on the kitchen counter.
    I like Cinnamon Apple Herb Tea from Bigelow.

  3. I am a big lover of tea. Black only, slightly strong, straight up. Oh how I look forward to that pot in the morning and a big tall glass iced in the hottest days of summer. I do not know how anyone starts the day with that horrible sludge coffee.

  4. Tell you the truth, I am not an tea-fan at all.
    Only strong coffee in the morning, to wake me up. And mostly strong espresso...
    Who in earth can start the day with tea??
    Greetings from Athens!!!!

  5. Jane---we do start our day with some strong, black coffee. In Europe, they make it really strong and that is where I learned to appreciate it. After that, however, the rest of the day and evening is tea only.

    Monika---check out my blog post from September 14---"Coffee, Java, Joe, Mud, Mocha, Espresso, Cafe..."

  6. haha you are funny :O)
    Yes I love tea too
    Earl Grey has always been a favourite, but now it has been overtaken by Rooibos.
    and it doesnt taste too bad cold either
    I dont put milk in it, but I put a little sugar in.
    It also comes in Green :O) and even my kids like it...
    You should try it... its a little healthier - no caffeine, and less tannin...
    oh and its pronounced Roybos, its south african for Red Bush.
    Love your humour tho... I hope you showed your wife what you wrote :O)

  7. Hi Kaz! Yes, Cindy reads my blog and puts up with my shenanigans. She also likes Earl Grey. I am not familiar with Rooibos. I'll Google it. Thanks for commenting!

  8. GloW---Cinnamon apple herb? OMG, you and Cindy would get along just fine!