Friday, November 26, 2010

A Round of Golf...At Home

Yesterday was a wonderful Thanksgiving at our home.  We spent the day thanking God for all He has given us---for our health, our friends and our lives and each other.  We ate too much, but that is one's duty on Thanksgiving.
My Golf Clubs Have Not Been Used All Year---Until Today

Anyway, I was in the need of exercise this morning after all that eating, but it is 32 degrees outside with a stiff breeze, so I had to think of some way to get that exercise and stay inside where it is warm.....Hmmmmmm..........................
I Prepare to Tee Off in the Den---Nice Legs, Eh?

Aha!  Yes!---I'll play a couple of rounds of golf!  I decided to use the entire house as my golf course.  I would play with only my putter.  I would "tee off" in the den.  Then thru the kitchen to the dining room.  Then thru the living room to the foyer.  Finally, to the "hole" (a drinking glass) in the den where I originally teed off. 
Those Are My Wife's Feet as She Watches My Second Shot Roll Thru the Kitchen

I determined ahead of time that "par" would be six strokes. 
My Third Shot Traverses the Dining Room.  So Far, So Good.

My first round was a seven, which wasn't too bad when you consider I missed an easy "tap-in" at the end. 
On the Rug in the Foyer

My wife was laughing hysterically when I told her this was going to be my blog for the day.  Different, no?
In the Hole!  I Shot a One-Over Par


  1. Well, happy to see you made a Hole-in-One! You saved some money playing at home ... glad it was not a lamp you broke when I heard that loud noise! ;~)

  2. ah ha ha ha ~ that is so cute !
    Yeah, I know what you mean about trying to get exercise but not outside in the elements. (Gotta love this Texas weather)
    Sure glad I have a treadmill. But it doesn't take the place of the fresh outdoors, does it?
    btw.. I've heard Knoxville is a great place to live with UT and all that good stuff.
    We visited there once but I've never lived there.

  3. gloW---My wife says the one thing she doesn't like about Texas is the weather and how it changes so quickly and (sometimes) violently. Yesterday I took my morning walk at 5:30. The temperature was 68 degrees. Two hours later when she had her walk, the temp was 42. Go figure.

    My wife is from Knoxville and our kids/grandkids live in the area. I guess I'll have to become a "Big Orange" fan.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. well done :O) so glad you have entertained us with your indoor entertaining entertainment, and what a bonus - you even entertained the missus with your entertainment... that would be called a "triple bono!" ;o)

  5. Hi Kaz! I asked my wife why she was laughing at my golf game. She said it was because she is attracted to people who are losing their mind. Hmmmm..........