Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Eureka Springs...

Hilly & Winding Streets are Crammed with Shops
I was traveling on business through the state of Arkansas a while back, and Cindy and I decided to spend a day and night in the northwest Arkansas town of Eureka Springs. 

Eureka Springs can be accessed by country roads, known for their beauty and winding personalities.  The drive was most pleasant and scenic. 
The Drive to Eureka Springs is Scenic
We decided to stay in a Bed & Breakfast in town instead of the usual motel.  More on that later.
Downtown Streets are Winding and Crammed With Shops, Galleries and Restaurants
The first full day we were there, we explored the entire town on foot.  The downtown area consists of a unique blend of winding, hilly thoroughfares built on the sides of steep hillsides, lined with closely joined old brick buildings from a bygone era.  The shops are legendary.  Everything from junk to true priceless antiques.  We loved it! 
The Crescent Hotel, at 75 Prospect Ave high atop the mountain above Eureka Springs, Has a Colorful History and is also Haunted!
Our favorite art gallery turned out to be "83 Spring Street".  It is a wonderful collection of paintings and bronze work.  I ended up buying a bronze piece by Mark Hopkins, a skilled sculptor who has done a number of varied forms.
One of the Spring Street Galleries
The piece I bought is called "Faith", and now resides in our den.
"Faith"  Sculptor:  Mark Hopkins
Our Bed & Breakfast (it shall go unnamed here) was pretty bad.  The floor of the room was uneven, with the head of the bed significantly lower than the foot.  We were sleeping downhill, so to speak.  The room was "decorated" with scores of cloth dolls.  Upon inspection, we found that the dolls had all accumulated oceans of dust.  That answered the question as to why I kept sneezing.  Ha.  The bathroom was quite small, and the coffee pot---one of the dirtiest I have ever seen---was right next to the toilet.  No, thanks.  To top it all off, the doorbell to the B & B was right outside our room.  Naturally, there were several late-arriving guests who kept us conscious until the very late hours.  Whew.

Aside from the B & B experience, I recommend Eureka Springs to anyone who wants to just get away and shop in a most unique atmosphere.  Food is varied and plentiful.  People are friendly.


  1. Once again, it is one of those adventures we look back at fondly. Remember how I placed a nickle on its edge on the dresser and it rolled off, the floor was so uneven?

    How could we ever forget the day we ate lunch in town where the kitchen area and the refrigerator was in a honest-to-goodness cave! I am not kidding, there were the walls of a cave!

    We sure have had some experiences! We did have a wonderful time and will always treasure our Mark Hopkins sculpture, "Faith". ♥

  2. Looks like an interesting place!

    Seriously, I feel like there is no excuse for a bad B&B! If they are going to do it -do it right or get out of the business!

    Dusty dolls and sloped beds - pathetic!

  3. Design Wine & Dine---I totally agree. The bad thing is that this experience was Cindy's first B & B. She has vowed to never go back. Sigh.