Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Do You Remember?..........

Do You Remember......

---Phone Booths
---When buying a new car, air conditioning, power windows and door locks were extra

---Burma Shave Road Signs

---Buster Brown Shoes

---Hot Cross Buns

---Eastern Airlines

---Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys
---When serving in the armed forces was considered a duty

---Packard, Studebaker and Kaiser

---Paddlings at school
---Everybody went to church on Sundays
---Manual clothes ringers on washing machines
---Roller skates that screwed on (with a Key) to the soles of your shoes
---Candy cigarettes

---Cap pistols


---Boy's Life magazine

---The Weekly Reader at school
---When the phrase "Made in Japan" meant it was junk
---When the phrase "Made in China" meant it was junk
---When soccer was considered a ridiculous sport in the USA
---When baseball was the national pastime
---Smoking cigarettes was encouraged everywhere---at work, at home and in motor vehicles

---Tatoos were considered "low-class"
---The evening news was considered fair and impartial

---Life Magazine

---Look Magazine
---When you saved money by getting your shoes re-soled


  1. I DO remember SOME - not all! :) The roller skate thing vaguely brings back memories?!?! LOL!

    Phone Booths too! They were always so dirty!

    Great Post!!!!

  2. Great post, Clint!
    Remember "The Beach Boys", Frank Sinatra (My way),
    Fred Astaire, John Waine and all these people
    and things we loved!
    Love from Athens!

  3. Great post! Yes, those days are long gone... I can't say I like this new era... I wait for the city that has foundations. :)

    Thanks for following me. I'm following you! Great blog! Have a blessed weekend.

  4. Rebecca---thanks for following. I agree---this life is ALL about the next one.