Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What is the Nicest Thing Anyone Has Ever Done For You?

When Cindy asked me this question a few days ago,I was stunned that I could not really give her an answer.   Part of the reason for that, I think, is that so many people in my life have been so very kind to me that I cannot name just one.

Of course, our parents have been extraordinarily good to most of us.  Our grandparents and other nurturing relatives have given us much needed love and encouragement.  Our teachers, clergy, and friends have supported us on our journey.

But, what about the countless other times---often by nameless, transient individuals---over the years when someone has done something for us that has made a big difference to us at the time?

My fifth grade teacher, Mrs Shoemake, taught me a very important life lesson that stays with me still.  

A counselor once moved me to tears by being so insightful and kind that I learned to really know how important it is to be that way with others in my life.

A preacher friend of mine, Reverend Wendy Curran, once supported me in a way that was very important to me---to this day, she doesn't really know how much her support meant at the time.

While it is difficult to single out one specific instance in our lives that was "the nicest thing anyone ever did", I have found that just thinking about that question brings up a flood of wonderfully kind things many people have done for me.  I hope I have been able to give just a part of that back.


  1. Oh amen. I had to stop and think on this one a bit and couldn't really find that one instance. But random acts of kindness - especially from strangers - make my heart smile and encourage me to do the same.

  2. Thanks for making me focus on more of the Light today :) Like you, I find myself overwhelmed at all the memories I have and all the people that have done so many wonderful things for me. This post reminds me why I am such a lucky girl :)

  3. This post really has me thinking. I have to admit it is hard to remember THE nicest thing. But I am finding how I remember some very little things that have meant so much to me.

  4. My mother gave me the gift of life, my husband gave me three wonderful children who have given me between them four grandchildren.
    Outside of the family Paul McKenna through his books have given me back my self confidence and of course Daniel O Donnell through his singing and compassion I have travelled to many places I would never have thought of going.
    Yes I count myself lucky.

  5. Wonderful post... I had a friend in University that read a lot of Plato. He believed that every act you do for somebody else you do for yourself. I debated with him for months. I strongly believed that there are people who do thing just because they want to help/confort or enrich other people...


  6. Thinking this through you've got me thinking to all the people who have extended kindness to me. I might not have thought of them today were it not for your question. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. There have been so many kindnesses in my life. A few were direct answers to prayers of desperation said in a moment,when I didn't know what else to do. These are my angel kindnesses. I remember once my VW bug broke down, on a cold day, with my son in the car. He was much smaller then. I walked across the street to the gas station, and they said no we don't work on those things. I pushed it across the intersection by myself to get it out of the road (the service station didn't have a tow truck for a VW) so they said. My son near tears asked what you going to do mommy? I said don't worry Jesus will send someone along. And He did! Within minutes a utility truck passed, turned around and came back. He knew exactly what was wrong, the points had welded together. He started it, and I was on my way home!

  8. There have been so many acts of kindness in my life, one that stands out is the school principal who helped me many years ago. I need to write him a letter and thank him!

  9. very sweet, clint. i can think of many things, which reminds me of how blessed i am.

    speaking of nice things, i've finished your 'pay it forward' gift and just need an address! (please don't feel obliged to formally participate, you can pay it forward any way you'd like.=)

  10. What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me?

    My husband, when he marries me.

  11. Oh, what a good question, there have been many things of kindness and I try to give kindness back whenever the situation requires it.

    Have a beautiful day


  12. A good question, Clint!
    A remember a lot of very nice things of kindness
    also in my life..

    But one thing I remember all my life was when
    my daughter, very little then, had emptied her
    piggy bank with all the coins and I found them
    one day going to the grocery in my wallet..
    Still today this is touching me!!