Thursday, March 10, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For.....

Looking back on the places I've been and the things I've done, it's pretty easy to think of more than a few times I wished for something to happen for my benefit.  Then, when it DID happen, I was elated............Then, things did not turn out at all the way I thought they would; and the "good" thing that happened to me actually was a bad, or unpleasant, experience.

For example, when I was in college, I had to take a required course:  Religion 101A.  Actually, it was not a difficult course at all.  Just some reading and some memorizing.  My problem was that I was not at all interested in the subject matter and did not study very much.  I got a "D", which I deserved.

The college had a rule that if you made a "D" in a class, you were allowed to take it over and replace the "D" you originally made with your new grade.  I jumped at the chance---yes, I would ace the course this time and expunge the bad grade.  I took the course over. I made another "D".  Sigh.

Another time, the company I worked for was looking for a sales manager.  My ego needed stroking, so I mounted a fierce campaign to get the job.  I worked harder at getting that promotion than I ever did at actually doing my job.  Finally, I did get the job.  I was elated.  Yes, this was great!  I was sure I was gonna "wow" 'em.  I didn't.  My bosses didn't like my ideas, didn't care for my presentations, hated my plans, poo-pooed my accomplishments.  It was the unhappiest time I could imagine.  I couldn't do anything right, it seemed.  When the time came that I was let go, it was a relief.

Of course, things do work the other way, as well---you know, when something happens to us that we think at the time is bad, but actually turns out to be good with the passage of time.

A good example of that in my life was the time I lost a huge order I had worked on for a year.  My competitor was awarded the sale.  I was crushed.  One week later the account called me and told me that the competition could not fill the order to their satisfaction and they were awarding it to me.  Now, I became elated.  I went from the outhouse to the penthouse.  Life is like that, no?

What are some of your remembrances of getting what you wished for and then having a bad experience with it?....Or, of getting something you thought was bad that later turned out to be good?  Do you think there is more that just random coincidence involved?  Could He be calling all the shots?  If so,.........why?



  1. So very true. One I can think of is that my Father died (very very bad), but it was the reason I moved to the farm and started this crazy life I live. Had he lived I would have stayed in the city, hating my job, and missed out on all the things I am doing now that I love. Another one is one year we got 3 feet of snow in 2 days. The city shut down, no body could do anything, but that was when I met my Husband. Life is very strange sometimes.

  2. Jane---Thank you. Yes, this is the type of thing we cannot explain. We think we know what is coming next, but we don't. We can, however, learn from looking back on our lives and see how things seem to work in their own way.

  3. great post, clint! there are so many things like this that have occurred to me and those around me that i can't help believe it's the divine's natural plan for us to learn and grow.

    the first thing that comes to mind is how a failed relationship forced me to reevaluate myself and learn how to be alone. i had a fear of being single, but on my 26th birthday (and after a rough few years of feeling so alone) i felt so full with love from my friends, family, and most importantly myself that i embraced my single status. guess who contacted me the very next day for a date... john! life surely has a way of pleasantly surprising us.=)

  4. All I wish for in life is that my family are well and healthy, my eldest son will be soon be in remission from cancer also my own health will remain as it is. To make someone happy each day is also a wish.


  5. My wish was/is to be with you forever! ♥ I could not imagine it otherwise.

  6. I wished all the best for the neighbours cat, when I saw that she is getting kittens....but not that she is getting them in my bed (the window was open).

    It was cute to have a look at, but today I have to bring them to there home.


  7. When we moved from TN to NC...the circumstances were very unpleasant (hubby was very sick) and even though I wanted to leave TN, I did NOT want to come to NC. And then when we got here,things only got worse. But the "worst" was the best thing that happened to us in many ways because it got us on a more solid track.

    And I have LOL at "from the outhouse to the penthouse"! I like that!!!!

  8. Kelli---thanks for sharing. It always seems we have to go thru some kind of self-discovery before God lays His blessing on us. It produces growth. And throughout our lives, it never stops. God bless.

  9. Yvonne---God bless you, my poetic friend.

  10. Kimberly---the same thing happened when Cindy and I moved to the Dallas area. She did not want to move from Atlanta. She cried. She worried. She prayed. It has worked out beautifully. Thanks for sharing your stories with me.

  11. Petra---Please, oh please, Lord---don't let my neighbor's cat have kittens in my bed!

  12. Taio---thank you, and God bless.

  13. I sort of wished to be let go from my job and I was...there have been times I thought to myself, "maybe I should not have wished for that..."

    I am glad I did.

    I know however, there have been things I wished for that didn't turn out as planned!