Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Helter Skelter.......

Wow!---it's great to get the chance to blog again.  Every day has been crammed full of activity early morning to night.  We have been exhausted.  But, we were able to make an offer on a home here in Knoxville yesterday, and we were just notified that the seller has accepted it!

In the meantime, here are a few pics of our trip so far.....

This is me---last Friday night before beddie-bye...Cindy was gonna help me with my hair, which is lengthening nicely, don't you think?  Ha.

She's Crazy About Me!

OK, The Back Looks Pretty Good

The Finished Product is a Masterpiece!

Saturday Morning, Dallas Central Expressway, 4:00 AM---Atlanta, Here We Come!

Oh, Boy---Here Come the Torrential Rains

After a 14 Hour Drive, Cindy and I Arrive at My Mom's Retirement Village in Atlanta...Pretty Nice, Huh?

Front Entrance to Mom's Village

The Grounds Are Beautiful---Spring Has Sprung!

This is the View From Mom's Apartment Overlooking the Pool and Waterfall.  There are Fish in the Pool.  Can You See the Phony Owl Standing Guard?

My 88 Year Old Mom Says "Don't Take My Picture!"  Ha.

Mom and Cindy Cook Din-Din in Mom's Kitchen

Mom Spends a Lot of Time In Her Sitting Room Overlooking the Pool

On Monday Morning We Drove to Knoxville.  Just Down the Street From Our Hotel is A Mexican Restaurant With This Human Lime Slice Soliciting Business Out Front.  Sheeeez.....


  1. Both the before and after hair shots look good. Your Mom's place is beautiful. Congratulations on the new home. Can't wait to sneak a peak.

  2. Congrats on the new home, think your hair looks good.
    Thanks for your comment, yes another concert with Daniel wonderful evening's entertainment.


  3. Look out, Clint. If you're not careful, you'll have "Evangelist hair"...

    Your mom is SO cute! Makes me miss mine terribly...

    Glad you snagged a house! I hope all is going well on both sides of your transactions!

  4. Yikes! Not "EVANGELIST hair!!!" Hi Clint it's great to see you and Cindy online again. We missed you tons. These photos are great. Cindy's opinion and how you feel wearing it is most important with hair. :)

  5. Praise God you are back!! Looks like a agreat trip. I know about the Helter Skelter of putting in bids on houses out of your area. Did it twice. Thank God for friends, in my case.
    Love the pictures of Atlanta, it reminds me that there is someplace in this world where it is warm enough for flowers to bloom!!

  6. Congrats on a new home! Glad to hear you all are having a great trip and time to spend with your mom. My mother has been in town since Saturday and leaving to go back to Florida tomorrow. We had cold weather so have not done much outside just spring cleaning lol. Have a great week!

  7. Hey you look really good with longer hair, and a wife who is crazy about you is just what you need to help you style it. It is good that you have a healthy crop. Yay for Cindy! Take lots of natural vitamin A and calcium - fruits and vegies and fish... ha, that's your advice for the day.

    The pictures were all so nice. I love spring! And the human lime slice was so cute.

    Rainy season here in our country too.

    Enjoy the rest of your time there.


  8. Wow your hair is nice, reminds me of Linda Evan's in Dynasty. Congratulations on your new home, everything sounds so exciting.

    Your Mom must be really happy to welcome your visit. She must be sad to see you leave.

  9. *laughing*...great pictures, specially the one of your mum *smile*

    What a cute home she has, really beautiful and congrats on your new home. Hope to see some nice pictures of it soon.

    greetings Petra

  10. Clint I love this post, I'm moving about!
    I always faschinated by american life, for exemple xou have there large space, 14 hour drive... for an european are sooooooooo longggggggggg

    love really this post

  11. Nice te hear from you. You've got curly hair, wow!
    Greetings Sabine

  12. Nice hair Clint! :)
    I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing a slice of your very nice life. Blessings to you and family.