Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Errands......

The Famous, Humongous Goody Goody Liquor Store.  Everything Is Big in Texas!
Woman decided I would be running a few errands today.  "Honey", she cooed, "We need some premium meat balls to go with our spaghetti tonight and also some chianti....would you mind going to get them while I do some house cleaning?"
There are Twenty Long Aisles of EVERYTHING

Loosely translated, this means "Go get some meat balls and chianti---now."

Booze, Wine, Liqueurs, Beer, Mixers, Cordials, and More
"Yes, dear", I replied.

One of the Many Wine Aisles---From Every Country
So off I went---first to the famed Goody Goody liquor store to shop for the chianti.  I love roaming all over the store, looking at the HUGE inventory of everything from wine, beer, liquors and liqueurs, cordials, mixers and so on.  They have very large selections of wines from every country.  Plus, their prices are reasonable.
This Nice Man From Goody Goody Loaded the Wines Into My Car
I decided to get several bottles of various wines we like.

Whole Foods Market Is a Fun Place to Prowl the Aisles
From there, I headed over to Whole Foods Market.  I like to prowl the aisles of Whole Foods because it is such an interesting store, with the best cuts of meats and fish and a wonderful deli.

One Of Several Meat and Fish Counters.  I Was Asked to Stop Photographing After This Shot
Unfortunately, I had taken one photograph inside the store when I was asked to stop.  It seems they have a "rule" against pictures being taken.  I guess they are afraid they might get some good publicity. 

These Meatballs Are Very Large.  Cindy Cuts Them in Half For Our Spaghetti.  Yummm.
I did get the meat balls, however.  I can't wait for dinner tonight!


  1. You crack me up for some reason, well...actually lots of reasons. You're just so darn funny and the best part is you are funniest when you are not trying to be funny. That means it's natural!

    This is a good blog, I know I am usually with you but this way I can be reminded of what your morning was like without me. ♥

  2. Oooh! Can I get you to run errands for me too? The 'delivery fee' out here to po-dunk might be kinda steep tho! Those meatballs look yummy!

  3. Your right, everything in Texas is bigger. That liquor store is HUGE.

  4. Wow, those meatballs look delicious. This post made me hungry. That liquor store is HUGE! I've never heard of chianti, lol! I'm clueless about wines and alcohol...ironic considering I'm the daughter of an alcoholic. Guess maybe it's a good thing I'm so clueless, lol! We don't have a Whole Foods where I live. Wish we did, it sounds like a great store!

  5. .....And I bet you loved every minute of the shopping.


  6. I couldn't wait to get to this post b/c I saw all the booze and meatballs!!!!

    Now I have to say...the Whole Foods not letting you take picts, for some reason annoys me tremendously?!?! I think I might have to do it the next time I am there and see what happens...yuck!

    Nevertheless Cindy's dinner sounds great and good for you for being an obedient male! :)

  7. fun post! i like whole foods for their bulk bins.

    cindy is blessed like me to have a good man to run her errands, though i have a sneaking suspicion you two both enjoy frolicking about these stores.=)

  8. Oh yes, it's the same here if you wanna take pictures. It's not allowed, and you have to be very quick and hide if you wanna make a shot.

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner.

    Have a nice day and greetings

  9. Yeah, you know what's so funny is that if someone wanted to take pictures, it would be absolutely no problem to just use a concealed camera. And what are they afraid of anyway?---that someone'll post a shot of one of their filet mignons?