Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lettin' My Hair Out......

Frontal Shot of the Happy Hipster
To the consternation of a few friends and my mother, brother and daughters, I decided a few months back to let my hair grow out. 

All my life, my hair has been kept short.  I'm not sure exactly why, other than it is more or less a family tradition among males of my clan. 
My Hairstyle All My Life Until 2010
But, when I retired 18 months ago, I decided to change a few things.  One of them was to just let my hair grow and see what happened.  One of the things that happened was the darn stuff began tickling my ears.  I never had hair long enough to get in my ears before.  Now, I'm used to it.
I Figure That Another 9 Months Of Hair Growth Will Get Me To Where I Wanna Be
Another thing that happened was that I had to start to learn to style it.  Now, I understand the term, "Bad Hair Day".  Ha.

One good thing that has occurred is that I am getting close to the look of a folk/country/gospel singer.  I get occasional requests to perform, and I think long hair is really the best look for that, don't you?
Sometimes It Tickles My Ears
And, last but not least......I love it when friends ask when I'm gettin' a haircut.  My usual answer---"I'm not".


  1. Haha oh yes, the infamous bad hair day. It looks fabulous :) I'm sure it fits right it with the stage for you. I roll mine up in the car window all the time.
    Happy Tuesday to you :)

  2. We had a friend who years ago quit cutting his hair. If anyone asked him when he would get it cut, he would say "after flu season" I think it has been 15 years since he cut his hair. I wonder if he ever got the flu in that time? He now wears a ponytail. How far out do you think you will grow your locks Clint? I bet your loving living on the wild side.

  3. I think it looks great, it does one good to have a change of appearance. The only appearance change I get is unwelcomed and that is my weight.
    Thanks for coming by and lovely comment.


  4. When my hubby decided to grow his hair out, he wore bandanas a lot to get him through that awkward stage. Eventually his hair grew halfway down his back. It was long and lush and gorgeous and thick and wavy. He even got it cornrowed at one time, and to this day I kick myself that I didn't get a picture! He is one man that will never have to worry about going bald.

    Now, he keeps it cut really short. I loved his long hair...so did my grandma (the one that died at 100). He says now that he is "past that stage" in his life, lol!

    To you, I say go for it! Why not? There is no reason to not just do it! I hope you'll continue to share your progress! Love the color of your hair, by the way! :)

  5. You radical older soul! :) I want to see it in a braided ponytail!

  6. Oh, my hair is shorter than yours (hihi)
    Greetings Sabine

  7. Nice hairstyle for a man..
    In a while you could make a ponytail, then
    you look more artistic!!

  8. Hi Clint -

    You are funny.

    It works for you brother, so work it!

    Do you think you'll go Willie Nelson length?
    Oh, did he cut his? I can't remember...
    If he did, do you think that you'll go Willie Nelson's former long length?

  9. If appearance really matters when you perform, your hair should be long enough for a ponytail.
    Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  10. i like it. and i like that you don't care what the others think. very admirable! may i recommend growing a willie nelson beard?=)

  11. How fun! I did the same thing with my hair. It's looking nice.

  12. Your hair blog turned out good and you received some good comments and suggestions. Someday I want to "style" your hair from start to finish and see what I can do with/to it! ♥

  13. hi cindy, now i'd love to see photos of that!=)

  14. I'm waiting for the pony tail

  15. I think we come to a time in our life when we should do what we want to!!
    When I first met my husband he told me he had just had a hair cut so that he would look presentable. I asked if he wanted to cut it or grow it long? This surprised him? I got the feeling he was used to others telling him what to do? So I said, if you want to grow your hair then grow it, and he has. Today it hangs half way down his back and he wears a pony tail. On occasion he wears it out. Having lost some on top I feel it gives him self assurance.....and we all need that.
    YOU, look great!! now all you need some tan...
    Woooo hooooo Gorgious!!

  16. That is what retirement is all about!;).. as long as your wife loves it.

  17. I m always ready.)

  18. hehehehehehehe hihihihihi hahahaha bad hair day!!!! I know it very well too!

    Clint I must say that your smile is beautifull and the hair is relative.. you looks good with short cut or now with more long too,
    maybe the long one give you more freedom feelings.. or?

  19. funny...I know a few men which are lettin their hair grow. One of them is wearing a ponytail now, and I like it, specially with the white hair.

    So I am eager how you look like


  20. It can be fun to give people a bit of a shock now and again.:) I like it!