Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Morning Meeting.......

A Cute Little Rubber Ducky for Cindy to Play With in the Bathtub
I was out of the house at 6:30 this morning, headed to the Corner Bakery for my Tuesday morning prayer breakfast with the guys. 
Paul Brought a Big Pile of Religious Whatnot That Was Left Over From The Emmaus Walk.  "Take What You Want", He Said....
Paul shuffled in first, waggin' a bag of religious whatnot---"Take whatever you want", he said.  These were leftovers from last weekend's Emmaus Walk.  I selected a cute little rubber ducky, which I gave to Cindy for her to play with as she bathes.
Paul (left) and Michael Devour Breakfast Before Our Meeting
Darrell (left) and Chuck Attack their Panninnis and Bagels
The guys ordered breakfast, except for me.  I sipped my coffee while they ate.  We then discussed chapters 7 and 8 of Max Lucado's "Facing Your Giants".  It's an excellent read, based on the courage of King David.
Bud McGinnis Heads Up Man To Man Ministries.  I Have A Lot of Respect for Him.
Our friend, Bud, came in and sat at a table behind us.  Bud is the founder of Man to Man Ministries, a ministry that strives to bring men to the church and involve them in spreading the Word.
Bud brings Men to Discipleship
I sat down and talked with Bud a while.  The man knows a lot, and it's great to learn from committed people like him.


  1. It is so nice you have these group of men to share your Tuesdays with. Fellowship is so important.

  2. Sure love my little rubber ducky you brought me this morning. ;-O I am happy you have this wonderful group of men in your life and that you are also studying the Word of God. I was also happy to see Bud's picture and read about Bud's ministry, "Man to Man Ministries".

  3. Yes I agree it looks like a great group of guys, so glad you can sit and discuss the Bible together. And the souvenirs look fun too! Rubber duckys are so fun. I have a collection :)

  4. That's great you get to share with them on a regular basis :) Love the little duckie! Hope you're having a great start to this week :)

  5. I too agree it is great you all get together.


  6. That's a great 'habit' you have. :)

  7. While "attacking my bagel" as you phrased it, I was serving my brothers by writing down prayer concerns>>>but, the bagle was good!

  8. I love Rubber Ducks, and all of them are having a name *smile*

    Thanks for sharing your day.


  9. Thanks for your post Clint!
    I wish you and your friends a blessed day:
    Psalm 23 to you all.
    Jan Samuel.

  10. Looks like a beautiful way to start your morning. I admire it.

  11. What a camaraderie and a comraderie.

  12. Hi Clint -

    I agree - it is great to learn from others.

    We are all students and teachers.