Friday, September 3, 2010

My Ten favorite Things (Plus 1)

I got to thinkin' about my interests and the things in my life that are most important. I was very surprised that I have so many likes. Before I started, I assumed that maybe I would have a list of perhaps 6 or 7. In fact, I could have easily listed at least twenty---things that are not listed here might also include good movies, fishing, football, walking, gardening, and so on.

Here is the best I could do to keep the list a reasonable length for this blog:

1. The Bible. I cannot imagine a more truly incredible book. The stories and messages are timeless. Who needs contemporary fiction when you can read true, inspirational, teaching scripture?

2. Cindy. I don't know what I'd do without her. God's gift to me when I needed her so badly.

3. My guitars. I have three---all with different strengths and personalities. Which one I play at any given time is a reflection of my mood. What wonderful friends to have on a cold and lonely night.

4. Poetry. Little else can match expertly crafted verses of prancing rhyme, with subtle meaning running throughout.

5. Dogs. One of the truly special gifts to mankind from our Creator.

6. Baseball. Nuanced, historic, full of power, speed, defense, strategy, humiliation and heroism---America's pastime.

7. Friends. Can't live without 'em.

8. Family. Refer to 7 (above).

9. Vacations. How blessed I have been to have had a mom & dad who always took the family on vacations. And how blessed I have been to have been able to continue that tradition with my own family. Oh, the things I have done! And oh, the things I have seen!

10. Food and drink. God's blessings are endless.

Plus 1. Guns. America's tradition lives on, protection and salvation in the hands of responsible, accomplished marksmen; destruction and senseless death in the hands of the lawless and irresponsible.


  1. What a wonderful blog subject! I like your choices! ♥

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    Thanks and I look forward to reading your future blog post.