Sunday, September 5, 2010


He first came into my consciousness when I was just a little tyke. I was so young when I first met him that I can't recall the exact first meeting. All I know is he was always there---and still is.

I was born in Chicago in 1944. And, since my dad was off to north Africa to help Uncle Sam win a war, I lived with my grandparents and mom in the Windy City for a couple of years until he could get back home.

Rolling around on my grandparents' floor at that early age is where I met this magical spirit. It was his job to sit on the floor all day and make sure the door to the bathroom stayed open. I loved playing with him.

To a very small child like me at the time, he was BIG and green and heavy.

Over the years, whenever I would visit my grandparents, the BIG green heavy frog was there, guarding the doorway and somehow protecting my beloved grandparents from all harm.

I never gave this marvelous frog a name.

When my grandparents went on to glory, I inherited this special friend. He stands today at the door of my office. And every time I glance down at him I am reminded of my wonderful childhood and grandparents.

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  1. What a special memory about the green frog. The green frog is excellent when trying to stretch watercolor paper. He is one heeeeavy frog!