Thursday, September 16, 2010

Miss Ellie, God's Little Angel

She was given to me as a present. I had gone through a short period in my life when I was "dogless"; and, having had various pooches as pets all my life, the gift was much appreciated.

I had never had a German Shepherd before. Looking at her for the first time, sitting on the kitchen floor and peering around at her new surroundings for the first time as a 6-week old, she was so very cute.

I decided to name her "Miss Ellie".

Through the years, she became my constant companion. Several times, I took her on the road with me as I worked my job in sales. Overnight, we would stay at dog-friendly inns such as Red Roof. On one such occasion, I was in Jacksonville, Florida when I went to the airport to pick up my boss, who had flown in to work with me for the day.

When he entered the car as the front seat passenger, with a full grown Miss Ellie sitting immediately behind him in the back seat, he said "You know,'s against company policy to travel with a pet on company business". Miss Ellie replied with a low "grrrrrrr...", not more than 8 inches behind his head. After a minute of silence, my boss asked, "Does your dog bite?" "Yes", I calmly replied. Now that the three of us understood each other, we had a nice, quiet day together. Of course, she never bit anyone and was the kindest of souls.

Miss Ellie was perhaps the smartest dog I've ever known, and I've known lots of them. In fact, she was smarter than most people. And she also had that wonderful, inexplicable ability to sense mood and meaning in human events.

When Miss Ellie was three years old, she went into heat, and every male dog in the neighborhood that wasn't chained down came a'callin'. Miss Ellie split time between my fenced back yard and inside the home itself. Long story short---Miss Ellie eloped, disappeared early one Sunday morning. A day that in Ellison family lore came to be known as "Black Sunday". I was frantic. Our family scoured the neighborhood all day. No dog.

Heartsick at the thought of losing my best friend and confidant, I went outside the house at midnight. And there she was!---coming up the driveway with three hot males in tow. I've never been so relieved and thankful in my life.

Of course, she became a proud momma, and we found good homes for her puppies.

As the years rolled, our bond deepened. And, when the day finally arrived that she was no longer a part of this world, I grieved.

But I know that I will see that angel again some day. And I can't wait.

Now, I know there are a lot of big-time preachers who know more than I do who say dogs don't go to heaven. But I will guarantee you dogs DO go to heaven. God loves dogs.

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