Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adventures with Cindy

I thought Cindy was somewhere in the garage; but, since I could not hear her making noise, I arose from my desk to check on her. Indeed, she was in the garage, looking for the large sponge she uses for big cleaning jobs---like the walls and such. "I've looked and looked," she complained, "and I can't find that sponge anywhere. I know it didn't just get up and leave. It HAS to be here somewhere."

So, of course I pitched in to help her locate the lost cleaning implement. We looked in the storage room, under the sink, in the laundry room. No sponge. Finally, I gave up and went back to my desk. An hour later, exhausted, she announced that she had found the object of her search.

"Where was it?", I asked. "It had fallen behind the washing machine". "Oh", I thought. "Why didn't I look there?"

An hour later I went looking for Cindy again. I found her back in the garage. She appeared to be looking for something. This time it was a new can of paint she had bought three days ago. "I know I had it when I left the store", she said, disgustedly. "It HAS TO BE HERE SOMEWHERE!"

Of course, I helped her look for it. I looked under the seats in the cars, in the cabinets in the storage room, on the shelves in the laundry room, in the pantry, in the cabinets in the living room. I looked in all these places not once, but twice. No can of paint.

Desperate, and on the verge of giving up, I looked a third time in the laundry room. And there it was---where it was supposed to be all along. How could we have looked there over and over and not have found it?

I started to tease her. "You must be losing your mind---it was right where it was supposed to be."

It was then she reminded me of the time I couldn't find my eyeglasses. I swear I looked for them for thirty minutes. Where do you think I found them? On my face.

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  1. It was a hectic day! Whew! I know I have some "clutter" but I remind Clint we are able to park both cars in the garage, have no basement and have NOTHING stored in our attic ... things could be worse. ♥