Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Cornerstone Disciples

A remarkable occurrence takes place in Plano, Texas every Tuesday morning at 7:00. A group of six men, between the ages of 40 and 66, meet for fellowship, prayer and uplifting discussion. This group of dedicated Christians is known as the Cornerstone Disciples.

The Cornerstone Disciples share several things in common:
1. They are all Christians
2. They have all experienced the Walk to Emmaus, a wonderful three day event that highlights the tenets of the faith and renews the soul for the remainder of the spiritual journey
3. They all enjoy poking fun at each other
4. They all have individual egos that are firmly under control. Any ego that begins to swell is immediately attacked by the rest of the group and deflated without fanfare.

Recent studies by the group include books by Rev Robert J Morgan ("The Promise", "Red Sea Rules", and "Simple"), assorted books of the Bible, and reviews of various other Christian publications.

A collection of $1 per week is exacted from each member. This money is collected by Paul, our treasurer, who keeps this money in a sock at home. At least, that's what he says. Since we have never actually spent any of this money, it is widely suspected that Paul has created a Ponzi scheme with the funds. We do intend to spend the money, but we cannot agree on which good cause to support. Hence, the money just sits in Paul's sock (or so he says).

Chuck and Bill are the two guys in the group who know everything. Bill knows everything important, and Chuck knows everything else.

Terry and Michael are the youth of the Cornerstone Disciples. They provide the energy that the older fuddieduddies lack. Terry is known for his motto, "Keep Smiling!" None of us has yet figured out why we are supposed to be happy all the time. Michael continually provides insights to issues that the rest of the group would never have if not for his ability to think deeply.

Me? I used to call myself the "conscience" of the group, but it turned out that nobody wanted to hear my pronouncements. So now, I just sit back and quietly enjoy my coffee while the other five guys dance on the head of a pin. Ha.

Seriously, a finer bunch of guys and Christians I have never known. I'm so proud to call these guys friends.
Pictured, From top: Bill, Terry, Chuck, Paul, Michael

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