Monday, August 23, 2010


Circa 1958, my family vacationed up in Michigan. We stayed with my grandparents on a lake and spent a wonderful week in the summer fishing and boating.

One day, my brother, David and I decided to paddle a canoe out on the lake. What transpired has gone down in Ellison family lore as one of the zaniest examples of the opposite of teamwork ever recorded in the annals of history.

After getting in the canoe we managed to paddle out a few feet from the dock...and then the uselessness of it all began.

David was facing one way in the boat and I was facing the other way. We began to paddle, hoping to propel the skiff to the lake's center. Instead, we toiled for several minutes going nowhere, not realizing that we were working against each other. The canoe stayed pretty much where it was.

The laughter from the adults on the shore was deafening. As it finally dawned on us what a bone-headed spectacle this was, my mom snapped this "Kodak Moment" for posterity.

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  1. Glad there is a photograph to document this very important event in the Ellison family lore!