Friday, August 27, 2010

Life is Toooo short For...And who knows what the future holds?

Our existential experiences lead us, in our contemplative moods, to certain great truths concerning choices and relationships. One category of such truths is entitled "Life is Too Short For...".
We, of course, do not know what tomorrow shall bring. We may die tomorrow---or today, for that matter. Therefore, it is prudent to begin eliminating from our lives those things that do not bring us pleasure and fulfillment. After say, a half century or so of living, relating, experiencing, evaluating and so forth, we come to a few decisions in this regard. A few of mine are:

Life is too short for cheap mayonnaise. You save a few cents but you don't like yourself very much afterward.

Life is too short for "friends" who refuse to answer their phones even when they are sitting right next to it as it rings. They make you leave a message and then they may---or may not---get back to you later.

Life is too short to put up with people in your life who do not do what they told you they would do.
Life is too short to keep wearing those underwear with the worn out elastic.

Life is too short to put up with a job or boss that is not fulfilling/reasonable. You only have this one life, so do something with it you enjoy. At the end of your days, you don't want to have profound regrets about your work on earth.

Life is too short to not diet and stay fit. If we are overweight, we don't like ourselves much.

Life is too short to not have a good vacation every year. Most people who don't go on vacations cite lack of money or time as a reason. That is a lie. The best vacations I have ever had have been simple, inexpensive, with little or no extensive planning.
Life is too short to worry about making a fool of yourself. Just do it. God knows I don't have a problem in this area.

Life is too short to not have finally recognized the presence of God, and the fact that everything we individually have comes from Him. You say you're self-made? Really?

Life is too short to put up with arrogant people. Refer to the above paragraph.

Life is too short not to have loved deeply and unconditionally. Yes, it can be difficult. Yes, it is worth the effort.

Life is too short to not give your best at every endeavor.

Life is too short to not learn to play a musical instrument.

Life is too short to fall into a nice, comfortable rut. Venture out. Take a risk. Have faith. Learn. Grow. You'll be glad you did.

Life is too short for worry. Let go and let God. Worry has been called the greatest form of atheism.

Life is too short to be complacent politically. Stand up for your beliefs and VOTE.

Life is too short to believe everything (or anything) in the news media. Do some homework. Read between the lines.

This list could be much longer. What do you think?

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  1. You brought up some very important truths. I really like this post. ♥