Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Nude

Not long after we moved into our present home a few years back, we were trying to decide how to decorate the rooms. The front guest bedroom was a particular quandary because we didn't seem to have any artwork that was appropriate to our tastes.

The big, bare wall opposite the bed begged for something bedroomy, but it remained vacant until Cindy got to digging around in her packratted stache of art supplies, which she had secreted away from my knowledge.

She produced this original nude, which she bought at a garage sale before she met me. This painting had been purchased for almost nothing along with an art kit containing quite a bit of pencils, brushes, colors, etc. Apparently, all of this came from Europe originally. The painting (obviously not done by one of the masters) is dated circa 1920---thought to be done by an art student of the era.

So---if you ever come to visit and decide to spend a night in the front guest bedroom, this is what will greet your eyes when you open them in the morning.

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  1. When a child is quiet, you wonder what they are up to. When you are quiet, I wonder what you are up to, now I know when I see this nude painting on your blog! I am going to have to keep better tabs on you. ♥