Thursday, August 5, 2010

Clinton Patrick (My Grandson)

A son of the South (Well, do shut my mouth!)
So gently born and lovingly bred;
While through your bloodline a common thread
Links hopes for success of heart and head.

Gorgeous blue eyes (Hear the ladies' sighs!)
Reflecting beauty and honor bright;
Prisms of innocence, pale and light,
Beguiling masculine strength and might.

Oh!---what a smile! (Come 'ere honey chile'!)
Infectious in its daily display;
Laughter and frolic, always at play...
But ne'er far away from boyhood's fast fray.

Eire's patron saint (not weakly or faint)
Guards o'er your life through and through;
With mom and dad's love (and grandparents, too!),
May all of your dreams become true!

(C) 2001 Clint Ellison

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