Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Woman's Purse.......

Today, my peeps, I shall explore one of the truly baffling phenomena of our times.  It is a subject that is thoroughly and completely understood by women down to the smallest nuance.  It is a subject that is so utterly foreign to men that they have given up trying to explain it.  It is, as they say, what it is.

In my experience, virtually all members of the female sex possess and maintain the same type of purse---it is stylish and it carries more "stuff" than the laws of physics allow.  In fact, empty the  contents of a purse on a table and you will be agog at the eclectic, voluminous heap before you.

Try to separate the various items into some sort of logical organization.  It cannot be done. 

Now, I have had this idea for a blog topic for quite some time, but I realized early on that when the woman who shares my home saw the blog, there would likely be hell to pay.  So, I had to choose my time and place of emptying the purse very carefully.  This morning, as woman was bathing, I quickly and skillfully dumped contents of said purse onto the kitchen table and started photographing.

As you can see, this is spectacular.  There are car keys, a camera, $3.27 in loose change, several receipts, business cards, credit cards, ink pens, a pencil, eye liner, blush, lipstick, a container of cream from a fast food joint that has likely been in there for weeks if not months, a plastic fork and spoon, coupons for everything from toothpaste to tomatoes, breath mints, a book, a makeup compact, a little silver cross, two devotional booklets, a checkbook, a cell phone, a spare house key, a calendar, and soooo much more. 

Several random thoughts about a woman's purse---If she needs something, it is usually in her purse.  She usually cannot find it, however, without a lengthy search.  And, no wonder, because there is much to weed through.  If the man in her life needs something from her purse, she will say, "Honey, it's in my purse---go get it".  Now, the man is in real trouble because men are not genetically programmed to sort through makeup, check books, cameras, etc and successfully find what they are looking for.  Invariably, woman will come to the rescue and get what the man wants .

All of this is perfectly understood by women.   In fact, I picture them laughing about their superiority in this area when they gather.  I have heard some women say that they have everything they need in their purses but men are helpless, carrying around only a puny little billfold that has a few dollars in it and a credit card or two. 

Hmmm....... Good point. 


  1. I did the contents of my bag once when I was tagged to do it, It is surprising what we do carry around with us. If men had purses I wonder if it would be more contents or less?

    I have trouble publishing new post. I wrote a new post last night clicked on publish ......and it didn't go anywhere yet I can answer posts.

    Enjoy your week-end.

  2. Why couldn't you have gotten hold of my purse when it was cleaned out! :-) One way of looking at it is, I truly thank God for the things in my purse, that we are blessed to be able to afford items that make our lives better and easier.

    P.S. The creamer is about a week old. ;~D

  3. Women are from another planet, don't you not know this:) Wow Clint, you are really in dangerous territory. Glad there was no weapon in that purse:)

  4. You've been talking to my husband, haven't you? My husband takes a great deal of pride in the thinness of his wallet. I've even known him to exchange crumpled bills for crisp ones so they won't make his wallet so fat.

  5. it takes a very brave man to go through a woman's purse! john said he's afraid to stick his hand in mine, like something in there will bite him. i guess that's why you chose to dump it.=)

    i bet cindy would have made a great contestant on 'let's make a deal'.=)

  6. yeah, you tell him, Cindy! :)

    my purse is small and very concise. no large conglomeration of stuff there. and yet when i told my hubby to go find something in it, he simply brings me the purse and hands it over for ME to search. ha!

  7. Hihi, this could be my purse, but I hope Cindy takes yours and will show us!

    Have a nice weekend.

    Greetings Sabine

  8. Oops, once again i break the curve.

    I FINALLY got a purse a few weeks ago. All it holds is my wallet, my portable GPS (I don't dare leave it in the car) and two pens. Maybe some tissue (when I can remember).

    Before then, I simply had a billfold, cloth wallet with a few credit cards. Not even cash!

    Yes, I AM a woman! Never liked purses! Hope that's an encouragement to you, lol.

  9. Gasp! Im still back at the part where you said you waited until she was busy...dumped it....and took pictures!!!!! Are you sleeping on the couch at present?;);)

  10. There is everything in that purse what a woman need, hi hi..
    But why are you peeping on a lady,s purse ?
    Have a great weekend you guys!!!!!

  11. Oy Clint! You better start planning that doghouse for out back soon :) This is very dangerous stuff! Now she'll never be able to find anything! We have an advanced organizational structure in our purses... hahaha, guess I can't be too hard on you though- you know I used a squirt gun to wake up my husband :)

  12. Ouch! I was surprised to see your post dear Clint. I agree with Karen that "we have an advanced organizational structure in our purses." If things are disturbed we tend to get in frantic mode, at least sometimes. Told my husband that if he ever emptied mine we will have words lol. Have a great day!!

  13. Oh my purse is so organized it's like a library. Only difference is my things are filed in pouches of all sizes; one for the cell phone, one for the camera, one for personals like hand wipes, nail file, floss, safety pins, etc., one for papers like index cards with phone numbers, business cards, post it notes, a pen, a pencil, a few crayons and a small pad to give to quiet a rambunctious child somewhere...........need I say more. I often wonder if I have gone too far with my organization until Mike needs something and I say "go in my purse.......look in the pink, rectangular pouch with the hand sanitizers; what you "seek" is on the left side at the rear of the pouch." :) I am like Yoda!
    Anonymous aka Carol B.
    (I think I need the force to fix this Google problem for me, hey)

  14. How on earth did you get it all back in?

  15. Clint, I can totally relate... women are turtles... we carry our houses with us! And my purse (we call them handbags here) is heavy. Problem comes when I need to change my bag for a different color... have to switch all the contents to the new bag... sometimes forgetting to empty the pockets... oh dear. That'w woman for you.

    I am sure Cindy will have a lot to say about what you just did...

    Happy Father's Day!


  16. Try getting an eyeglass repair kit in your wallet. When you guys need it, we've got it-- maybe minus a crescent wrench or two.
    Arkansas Patti

  17. We call them handbags as well, and a wallet to you is a purse to us. I am using one (handbag)at the moment that my hubby got for me from Uruguay last year and yes I tend to put everything inside. Hope you and Cindy are having a great weekend. :)

  18. You are a devil....but a cute one *laughing* How can you empty the purse and take a picture. *still laughing*

    Yes, it is a phenomenon but it always will be our secret why we need all these things.

    Have a beautiful sunday

  19. I am not shure if women like the inside of her handbag throwing out all over the table but it it amusing to read your thoughts about it.
    Have a great sunday

  20. I sure hope you don't catch it for this one :-). Happy Father's Day, Clint. I hope you have a fabulous day. Blessings...Mary

  21. Great true...Whoever owns the purse must be a GREAT have such a wonderful stash!

  22. Oh my my my. You are certainly brave to have ventured into such a sacred place haha. Congratulations on surviving such a trip!

    & I ditto Flora! What a wonderful stash!

  23. Okay, here is what I want to know.

    1. How long did you do deep-breathing before you finally got up the nerve to dump it out?

    2. Does the woman know yet that there are pictures of her purse contents on the internet? If so, did you remove all knives from the kitchen?

    3. Finally, how long do you think it will be before it is safe for you to go home again?
    Inquiring minds want to know. ...Marsha

  24. Thanks for commenting on my blog.
    Oh, so surprised you did that to your wife's handbag. My husband has never taken anything out of mine. If he wants an item from my handbag he goes & gets it passes it to me so I can get what he requires. He has always done this.

  25. oh so funny-great idea for a post. now my purse-you would have fell in to- second you would have found receipts from when we lived in Franklin KY. [ for 7 long months] oh that was 1987, third ,they might have hauled you away in handcuffs [ not by the police honey]. just because you needed to be taught a lesson and who would do that you say ---why the red hat w omens club that's who---lol

  26. Oh what a good laugh I had...I don't want to admit how close to the truth you are. I always have several books in mine. Not long ago at a ball game a man looked into my purse and said, "You have quite a library in there."

  27. This is hilarious! I bet you're in trouble now! lol I found your blog via Dawn's blog, I ventured over to see who was posting the wise comments on her blog and here you are... the wise I'm not so sure about now! Just kidding but I hope your wife has a wonderful sense of humor.

  28. Thanks Clint for your comment, Somone has solved my problem, after 2 weeks of nearly tearing my hair out,