Saturday, June 4, 2011


Large Screen HD TV
One of the notions that seems to stick in my brain is how really stupid and backward electric wires are.  I guarantee you that in 50 years we will look back and just shake our collective heads at the idea of wires.
I mean, the inventor who finally discovers a method of powering our homes and appliances without wiring will be incredibly wealthy and famous.  I mean, wires are such a terrible hassle and eyesore.  I mean, you take this morning, for example.
Internet Router
The little lady and yours truly were going to complete the hookup of wiring for our TV set.  Sounds simple, no?  Well, there was a time that it WAS simple---take the wire from the TV set and plug it into the wall outlet and voila!......turn on the set and enjoy!
A Few Hundred Choices In The Rear Of The TV
But in today's highly advanced society, things have improved! pardon my sarcasm

No, today we have Blu-Ray DVD players, sound systems, internet connections, and High Definition television sets that must all be electronically integrated.  I suppose if you have an electronic engineering degree from Cal Tech, you can figure it all out in a week or two.
What A Headache!!!
But a sad sack like myself is gonna have a problem.  And we did.  I want to thank my wife for not killing me during our four-hour ordeal.  I also want to thank God for finally allowing us to successfully complete the wiring.  How we did it I do not know, but that is beside the point.
You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me!  This is Where We Are At In The 21st Century?
Anybody else have a serious challenge when it comes to wiring stuff up?  Anybody else think it'd be just a wonderful idea to find a way to power stuff up without wires?


  1. Thank you for finally opening the Blu-Ray player and getting it to work! I had dreaded even attempting to hook it up. Why on earth was it so difficult to get back to the TV/cable mode?

    Remember the days of buying a TV, plugging it in and watching one of three channels? Why is it now that with several hundred channels I can't seem to find a thing to watch? ;~D

  2. Whoever finds the solution becomes millionaire :-)))
    A hug Clint,ciao Cindy!:-)

  3. The only problem with wireless is then it must work by transmitting some type of wave length. And those may or may not be good for you. Look, the World Health Organization still insists that cell phones are very bad for you. So there is never an easy answer. What I have done to combat it is I still use my 15 year old TV. Not to many wires. When it goes, then there will be no more. That fixes the whole mess.

  4. we need to upgrade our surround sound system to digital since we got a new HDTV. i'm just dreading finding the right one and being able to hook it up!!!

  5. And I thought the cord of my computer mouse was cumbersome! (my kids tell me there are cordless versions) I sometimes wonder about 'progress'. But now that it's all connected, sit back and enjoy. Have a great weekend and blessings to you both. :)

  6. Clint, are you sure that TV is large enough for you? I bet I wouldn't need my glasses to read the fine print on those legal commercials with that one.
    Haven't you heard, the bigger the TV, the more WIRES they give you! Simple truth is - no TV, no wires, Clint.......
    In my house, I always let Mike do the wiring jobs, and getting me back to the right channel when I press a wrong button on the remote and end up in some setup mode or something more dangerous. I think I almost ordered some plutonium once. :) Thanks for making me smile.
    Anonymous a.k.a. Carol Blackburn

  7. That mess of intestines sure looks familiar to a much larger degree. I don't have all your toys.
    As for the wireless world in 50 years,should I make it that far, I too will be shaking my head but only to shake off the drool as I stare vacantly at a wall.
    Surely someone can do that in maybe 5 years so I can enjoy?

    Arkansas Patti

  8. Like Franz said:

    "Whoever finds the solution becomes millionaire"

    I hate such things, they can drive me crazy.

    Have a beautiful sunday

    greetings to you and Cindy

  9. When I was a little girl our Sunday newspaper had a comic strip section, and I remember my mom and dad reading one entitled There Oughta Be a Law...

    Well, this is what comes to my mind after reading this post - T.O.B.A.L...

    We can only come to one conclusion - everything in our world today has become more complicated!

    Well, after everything that has been said... I'm just relieved to know you finally figured it all out.


  10. I'm so glad, that I've got 3 men who can install those technics for me. Only sit down and visit.

    Have a nice Sunday.
    Greetings Sabine

  11. Everything used to be simple once, now you have to be a genius to use everything. You did well!! now you can enjoy.

  12. Dear Clint do not get me started on wires. Life used to be simple. B

  13. My oh my, that is a BIG TV!!! I normaly let my hubby do the wiring thing... hehe...


  14. I am lusting over your TV -- I have a real thing about wires, too. One day we will be so 'cute' to that far-off generation...

  15. There are some things that are just worth paying for. Hooking up electronis is one of them. In the long run, it's cheaper than throwing it all out the window.

  16. Oh my goodness! SO true. I give up just looking at them. My kids seem to know how to work it all though;)

  17. G'day Clint! Oh, I just loved this post. I am electronically challenged, that's for sure. You and your wife did a fantastic job, especially perservering for four hours. Well done! May God bless your day with His goodness. With love and care from Kerrie