Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Framed Pictures, God's Grace and What is Important.......

Artwork, Artwork Everywhere
I am alone in the house now.  Cindy has gone for her daily workout.  Yesterday afternoon I busied myself by unpacking the many types of framed artwork that we love, and now I am realizing in the silence that we have more artwork than wall space in this new home--- A LOT more.
This situation presents a challenge.  Since we have only so much  wall space, and since we have only so much storage space, we must decide which pictures and art to keep and which to give away. 
A Lot More
You know, it is painful to make such decisions.  We love our framed art.  Most of it is inexpensive, but it is the sentimental attachment that is troublesome.

I HAVE To Find A Space For This!
And yet, after pondering this subject for days, I realize what God wants me to realize---that these material things are completely unimportant.

Oh My!.......Even More in Cindy's Art Studio Closet!
What is important is storing up our treasures in Heaven, not on earth.  What is important is focusing on Him.  With all the misery that exists on this earth, my being concerned about a few pieces of material things is an insult to God.  I thank you, Lord, for all you have given me---our home, our health, our lives, our friends---all possible because of Your grace.  I don't really deserve any of it.


  1. What a great reminder, Clint :)

    You do have beautiful pieces here though.

    Hope you are enjoying your day!

  2. Wonderful reflective post, Clint. I whole heartedly agree.

  3. time to share your treasures with the world...

  4. We are also contemplating a move to a smaller home later this year. In anticipation of that, I have been giving away "stuff" - and all I can say is that Thank God he gives away his grace so much more freely than we turn loose of our "sutff". :)

    Happy unpacking - Marsha

  5. A wonderful post and words to think on.


  6. Bless your heart, Clint. In today's material culture, a thankful heart may well be categorised as a rare work of art.

  7. Great post, Clint. You know, I was thinking about all your recent posts about moving to Knoxville, and yours and Cindy's pics of all those familiar places. I wonder if God was using them to prepare my heart...

    you may be seeing me sooner than you think! You know I'm inviting myself over. I want some of those sausage balls Cindy makes! :P

  8. You must be deserving or your wouldn't have them.
    Arkansas Patti

  9. Thank you Clint for your post. Wonderful and very true. Stuff, something my family and I sometimes have issues with and need reminders of God's view.

  10. Hi Clint, God is most gracious.

    It is the sentimental attachment that is the trouble and need to be let go!

  11. Hope you will find the right place....but why you wanna give some away, you can also change them after a few month ;-)

    Have a beautiful day...greetings to you and Cindy

  12. I hope you keep everything. I had a friend who had pictures over a complete wall. It was wonderful, you stood and looked and looked, a great talking piece.We don't know how much we have until we move. You house is a real home.

  13. My mom had a really difficult time letting go of things when she moved to a smaller home. My husband kept encouraging her to think about what things she could give away that could be a blessing to others.

    Thanks so much, by the way, for your kind words at my place.

  14. I loved your reminder today, Clint. We have a garage with art work on the walls. I couldn't bear to part with any of it, so when we ran short of suitable interior space I began to adorn the walls of the garage. Just a thought :-). I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  15. Thank you Clint for this beautiful (o so true) reminder!

    and thank you for your sweet comment on my post!!!


  16. Hi Clint,
    I loved this post. I too am so thankful for His grace, it is something I do not deserve.
    God bless,

  17. Oh dear Clinton Ellison, ahem Mr. Poet... I agree with Crystal Mary... I hope you get to keep all of them. My friend who is also fond of art work was able to make a beautiful wooden divider in her dining area, front and back were her framed art work.

    I have art work that serves as separators between books on my bookshelf.

    Many ways to use art work. My sister in law who has a lovely home even has a special rest room which in itself is a work of art... and on the walls hang several frames of ... yes, that's right, art work!

    I am sure you and Cindy will find a way.

    But what I especially loved about this post is what you said about our treasures in heaven being more important than our treasures here on earth!

    You are so right about that one...


  18. Hi Clint -

    You expressed, "What is important is storing up our treasures in Heaven, not on earth. What is important is focusing on Him."

    Thank you, Clint. That stirred my spirit juices indeed!