Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Takin' the Wife for a Workout.......

After working for the last few months on convincing wifey (all you ladies refer to your husbands as "Hubby", so I'm following your lead.  Ha.) that she should join me in regular workouts at my new-found facility, I finally prevailed.  We got her signed up yesterday, and today was her first scheduled workout.

This was to be a joyous occasion.  Next to our spiritual growth, our physical condition is most important.

So, when we arrived this morning at 6:30, we were both excited.  Yes, my friends, today was the first day of the rest of her life.  And, although she is not really overweight or otherwise in ill health, it is always really a good thing when someone makes a commitment to exercise regularly.

But, as usual, God had a surprise for yours truly.  What I thought would be a simple teaching/learning experience turned out to be something else.

After a short warm-up, we went to the upper body circuit.  I showed her how to use the Lat pulldown machine.  Oh boy.  I had not considered that she had never been to a workout facility in her entire life---most of her exercise has always consisted of walking through our neighborhood. 

We finally got her working the lats, but she was not breathing properly.  I gently instructed her to breathe out on the power stroke and inhale on the negative stroke.  Well, this was a problem because she couldn't seem to coordinate her breathing with her lifting.

Same thing on the next machine, the rowing exercise; and the next one, the pec fly; and the next one, the chest press, etc, etc.

She was frustrated.  I was frustrated.  This was gonna be harder than I thought.

But, when we got to the treadmill and I showed her how to use the controls, it got worse---she had a bad experience one time 20 years ago on a treadmill and she was gun-shy.  She was afraid of the machine.  This, too, was frustrating for us.  But as the minutes
ticked away, she seemed to become more comfortable.  YES!  She was mastering the art of treadmill walking!

She had a good first workout.  Much was learned---especially by me.  Wifey came a long way in her learning to workout, and I learned that I assume too much and I am STILL too impatient.  I gotta work on that!


  1. Glad she ended up feeling comfortable on the treadmill. They can be tricky!

  2. I worked as a personal trainer for years, and trust me when I say that the best thing you can do for Cindy is have her meet with a trainer for a few sessions. Husband/wife training sessions can lead to major disagreements and eventually one quits. Plus she needs set up with appropriate machines and weights determined by her individual needs and weaknesses which are not the same as yours. I would hate to see her I injured. There really is a science to everything that happens in that phacility. It could do wonders for both of you.

  3. Glad it all "worked out" for ya'. :)
    Anonymous aka Carol B.

  4. The above are good comments. I was actually surprised at how patient he was and really felt like I learned a lot today. Jane is right, it is a good idea to meet with a trainer. Glad I am more at ease on that treadmill. I almost caught up with you and you are a very fast walker.

    Thank you for encouraging me to "sign up"!

  5. I wish I could use a treadmill, hope Cindy enjoys the workouts.


  6. I've been on a treadmill twice in my life, once when I needed to take a stress test for a cardiologist 5-6 years ago and once last fall in therapy. I applaud and cheer for you Cindy! Equipment can be a challenge so yes a trainer, at least once, can help.
    Before my stroke, I was not a gym person, ever. But now I truly like going to the gym and work out.
    You can do it! Thanks Clint for helping Cindy get started.

  7. Congrats to both of you! Working out is hard to do, but it sure is worth it :)

  8. i'm totally with the first commenter. i think it would be SO beneficial to Cindy to be able to get a few sessions with someone other than her loving, but frustrating hubby. someone who is used to teaching people and can sense their learning style, etc. then, once she's been around the machines a few times, you and her can rejoin working out together... do this for you AND her!

  9. good for you both! i dread going to workout facilities so i get my exercise playing tag, doing yoga stretches, and lifting small weights and babies.=)

  10. I wished I had more time to go to a workout too...that's one point I am missing over here.

    Every day I wanna do something at home, but it is different to do it by yourself and alone. I have to kick myself.

    You did a good "job"


  11. Hi Clint -

    Glad you got on one accord in your team project.