Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Cutting Crew, The Beauties, and The Beast.......

I Am Happy With My New Look
My "Before" Picture----HELP!!!

The Beautiful Tiffany Styled My Hair
Shall We Begin With A Shampoo?

I Look Like An Arab Prince
Since it has been eons since I had my beautiful, flowing locks trimmed, it was decided that I would look a heckuva lot better if I visited a professional hair dresser.   It was suggested that I was beginning to look like a charity case.

Tiffany Works Hard!
So, Cindy took me up to the Powell location of The Cutting Crew, a friendly little beauty shop staffed by two beautiful and charming ladies, Tiffany and Cindy.

Beauty And The Beast

Tiffany shampooed and cut my hair and then styled it.  I enjoyed talking with her very much.  She is a Tennessean by birth and loves living here.  She got her cosmetology license when she graduated from high school and has been in the profession ever since.

Cindy is The Other Beautiful Hairdresser at The Cutting Crew

Thanks, Tiffany!  I feel (and look) so much better!  See ya again in about 6 weeks!


  1. you are too funny! it's still pretty long!

  2. You look great Clint. I think you'll need a flat iron for your new look.
    Greetings Sabine

  3. Yup! Good call on the new doo :) You look like a million bucks now. What a fun post- and it would be a bit embarrassing if people gave you a can of beans :)

  4. Great Clint, you are very funny!
    Your hair is very beautiful:-)))

    a hug!

  5. Are you sure you didn't just go to visit with the pretty girls?

  6. Isn't it nice to be pampered once in a while? You do look like you enjoyed the experience, Clint.
    Anonymous aka Carol B.

  7. Yeah,I'm wondering now about him needing more frequent hair cuts. It turned out good and Tiffany did a great job.

    Your blog post turned out good, too!

    Your loving wife! (Hint hint, remember me?)

  8. Hmmm, I wonder if you really wanted the cut or to visit with the young'uns! :-) Ha ha

  9. Nothing like a new hair cut to make you feel like a new person.

  10. Gosh, you clean up pretty good.
    Arkansas Patti

  11. lookin' good, clint!

    i love how you blog your everyday experiences and how everyone let's you take their photos!

  12. Looks great, and you really have a beautiful hairdresser.


  13. Nothing like a good trim to make us feel all new :)

    I go for my Locks of Love donation next week. I don't know if I am brave enough to post pics though hehe. Happy Wednesday!