Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rivers of Life.......

Have you ever stood on a bridge that crosses a flowing river and just stood there a while and noticed that the water keeps coming right at you, never stopping?  Have you imagined how the water is rushing past you and cleansing you of all your worldly sins and cares?  It is so calming and reassuring to see and hear and smell the river as it constantly approaches us...always approaching and never receding.

I like to think God's love is like that---always coming toward us so that all we have to do to experience His calming hand is to just let Him inside.

And I think God made the rivers and mountains and woodlands and oceans and skies so beautiful and awe-inspiring so that, when we see His magnificent works of nature, we will be reminded of Him and His power and the fact that He is all around us all the time, and all we have to do is just open our hearts to Him and He will enter.


  1. Oh yes, and I love it. Specially sitting at the beach and looking to the waves.

    Greetings ☺

  2. How true this is, this morning I was thinking of the line from Amazing Grace, "I once was blind but now I see ... " When Christ lives within us, our former cataract vision becomes 20/20 and we can see His awe-inspiring creation with the deepest appreciation.

  3. very beautiful, clint. i feel this way when i meditate and pray and connect with the "supreme being" - god, allah, the divine, the higher spirit or whatever title one chooses.=) basically to me it's love, because that's what it feels like. and peace.

    have a lovely sunday!=)

  4. I love the metaphor, very well said Clint. I think that I love the sunsets so much because it reminds me of God's amazing presence, I can be watching the sunset all by myself and never feel alone.

    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Yes...two ways we can see God... His Creation and His Word!!

  6. I love your analogy. I am going to remember this, and tell it to my is concrete enough that they will definitely get the meaning...thanks!!

  7. Beautiful post Clint! We just need to be open. : )

  8. Yes.... "all we have to do is open our hearts."

    Here's to open hearts. Have a great day.