Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Tennessee.......

An Old and Enchanted Grist Mill Near Norris, Tennessee.  Cindy Grew Up Near Here and Used to Play Here as a Child
I have lived a whole bunch of places...and they are all beautiful in their own way.  But, I must say that Tennessee's beauty can be mesmerizing and intoxicating...and addictive.

An Ancient Waterfall Gurgles Beneath the Grist Mill
Well, who wouldn't become addicted to the deep, lush green beauty of the mountain flora and their bursting aromas?  Who wouldn't adore the interconnected rivers and mountain streams?  Who would not stare in wonder at the ancient ridges and smoky draws and silent hardwoods and know that God is pleased with His creations?

Come with me my friends, as Cindy and I made a three hour swing through our area yesterday afternoon.......
A Clear, Cold Mountain Stream Feeds the Grist Mill Waterwheel

A Still Mountain Pond Creates Wondrous Reflections

Flora Abound
If You Look Closely, You Can See My Reflection in the Glass Panes of This Old Mountain Cabin

Pastures of Plenty

Mountain Scenery

                              Norris Lake on the Clinch River

Norris Dam on the Clinch River

Trout Fishing on the Clinch River Below Norris Dam


  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures and place. I really like it and I also would like to see it one day.

    Greetings to you and Cindy

  2. Yes, we sure enjoyed our drive yesterday to Norris and Andersonville. It was such a beautiful day, slightly overcast with rumblings of thunder in the background. Maybe that is why we didn't see many humans out. It was fun to see the blue birds perched on their little houses. It had been a long time since I had been to Norris. Intersting to see all the condos on Norris Lake. Things they are a changin'.

  3. Thanks for the journey Clint I agree Tennessee is a wonderful place.

  4. More great shots today, Clint. At least you didn't sneak any fake dinosaur bones in here like some other folks try to do. :) Love the old grist mill.

  5. you have landed in a beautiful place, for sure.

  6. You'll have to post some photos of my end of Tennessee, around Memphis! Now following--thought I already was, but apparently not. Fixed that!

  7. Gee what a nice walk with the two of you - that was beautiful! The scenery is so lush and green. It must be nice to have grown up around there. Sandie♥

  8. Lovely place, looks so peaceful.

  9. I absolutely LOVE Tennessee....I journey through the state every October headed to Indiana to visit my sister....LOVE it and awesome photos that you shared!

  10. These are beautiful Clint. Thanks for sharing them. I'd love to go visit someday.

  11. Oh Cindy sure was a lucky girl to grow up near these beautiful places. Clint you sure are lucky to find her and now go visit there:) B

  12. beautifull, beautifull, beautifull
    I wish to me a day to visit this place,
    now i understand so much about the lyrics of johnny Hallyday Quelque chose de Tennessee -

    this is dedicated to Cindy with my love

  13. Hi Clint -

    Glad that you're enjoying TN.

    Loved viewing the scenic photos.

    Thank you for sharing, Clint.