Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Glorious Morning Walk Redux.......

Oh, the glory of it all....

I had to make myself get out of bed this morning.  I stumbled to the kitchen at 5:45.  Had to make some strong coffee to get my bod ready for the day.  Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  That's better.  

My heart was set on hitting the trail at 6:30.  Slowly the ole system began to grudgingly respond.  Feeling was returning to my feet and fingertips as the hot brew seeped downward.  I could now wiggle my toes.  My tongue now had a sensation of taste. much bettaaa....

Tie those tennis shoes tight.  Rub those eyes again and try to get some focus.  Put on my tank top and shorts.  Act like I'm awake.  Not quite yet, but the trail calls.

Come with me, my friends, as I force myself is a cool 60 degrees.  There is a heavy overcast.  It rained last night, so the trail is wet.  It matters not, because the po'boy is walking now, building speed down the trail...across the beautiful Tennessee countryside, through the meadows of daisies and cat-tails and sawgrass, toward the deep and still dark and mysteriously enchanted forest, where the faeries and trolls reside, full of lore and charm and doubt and hope and exceeding beauty, to the elevated ridge where reside the ball fields and the fishing pond and the pet park. 

Come with me now, and be amazed by the incredible, overpowering smells of honeysuckle and laurel and jasmine and mountain lily.......

Our Journey Begins...

Fancy Homes Tucked Into The Ridges

Crossin' The Highway

Overcast and Dark

The Martins Reside Here

What a Photogenic and Nice Couple I Met on the Trail!

No Tellin' What-All Lives in THAT Briarpatch!

The Smells Of Spring are Overpoweringly Wonderful!

              Hmmm.....Which Road Should I Take?  Where Is Robert     Frost When I Need Him?

An Ancient Hardwood Stands as a Lonely Sentinel Against the Scudding Morning Clouds

I Love Daisies---and These Fields Are Full of 'em...

I Love Open Gates, Especially When They Lead to Enchanted Forests

Yes, I know it is dark.  Creepy?

Light at the end of the tunnel

Don'cha' just love a babblin' brook?

We continue in the forest primieval.......

Past the soccer fields

The pond, with ducks and fish and things

The baseball fields

Bring your dog!

 I wish you all could have enjoyed this excursion as much as I did!


  1. What a nice cool stroll you took us on this morning. This morning I was just about sleep walking is why I didn't go with you and stayed on our lane walking. (It is easier to take my coffee with me like I did this morning) About that dark forest with the trolls and faeries, I am not frightened of them as I am the human variety. At least we both got our two miles behind us. No, your exercise did not end with the walk, it was now time for the workout at the gym! Proud of you! ♥ (us) ;~)

  2. The only way that I could do a walk like that is with a good horse between me and the ground. Looks like fun though. Just watching made me tired. I think I will go for a power nap.

  3. Thank you for taking me on your walk......while I sat at my computer desk. Hope you feel ok.
    Wonderful photo's and post.


  4. I think I'll remain a sleeping beauty for ten more minutes..

  5. Oh yes, I did...what a nice walk in the morning, also for me with my cup of coffee in my hand :-))))

    Beautiful day and take care