Thursday, May 10, 2012

Guest Post From My Cardinal Friend.......

Introduction:  I have asked my cardinal friend, Chirpee, to guest blog for me today.  I met Chirpee several months ago after I had put up a bird feeder on our rear deck.  Since putting the feeder up, it has become a very popular oasis for all manner of feathered fowl.  Since Chirpee was the first bird seen at the feeder, I asked him to make a few comments on this forum.

Mr Clint Took This Shot of Me.  I Think I Look Pretty Handsome.
Hi. My name is Chirpee, ninth son of Rosa and Red.  I was asked by Mr Clint to say a few words for his blog---whatever that is---today.  I don't know why he asked me to share my thoughts, but I figure I should try to cooperate with him because he has been feeding me and many other birds for several months, and it is very much appreciated.

I am married to Jenny.  We do just about everything together.  I found this feeder last December on Mr Clint's deck and Jenny and I have been feeding there every day.

Me Flappin' At The Window
Unfortunately, the Grackles and Jays have also discovered the feeder, and they make dining a chore.  Jenny and I cannot enjoy our meals very much with all the hoppin' around and the screeching goin' on. 

I especially like the mix of seed Mr Clint serves up.  It is a nice blend of everything from sunflower seeds to thistle.  It keeps us comin' back day after day.

Me Still At The Window

The main thing that bothers me at the feeder is the other male Cardinal that seems to show up when I do.  This interloper appears at the window.  Of course, I have to defend my territory, so I spend some time every day flappin' at the window trying to get the bird to leave, but for some reason he is always there and I cannot get him to leave.  I wish Mr Clint would get rid of those windows so the other Cardinal would disappear.

I get along best with the sparrows and wrens and waxwings and doves.  They aren't as aggressive as the 'peckers and grackles and jays.  Why can't we all just get along?

Anyway, thanks, Mr Clint, for the seed.

PS---I do apologize for the huge messes Mr Dove makes on your railing.  Some birds just have no class.


  1. Hi Chirpee! I see after you posted this blog, you got right back to the black oil sunflower seeds out in the feeder. Chirpee, I gotta hand it to you, you pecked out a very good and thoughtful post today. The next thing you know you will be leaving tweets on Twitter!

  2. Hi Chirpee, you are a lovely bird. Many greetings to Mister Clint.

  3. Aww so glad that you have good meals served Chirpee! Thanks for sharing. BTW the others are just jealous of your handsome face. Enjoy your day!

  4. Those birds- sounds like they have it pretty good!

  5. I knew it...Mr. Clint is a bird-lover, and it's nice to hear that you appreciate his food. Next time tell the Jay's that they have to wait till you and Jenny are done.

    Evening Greetins from Tenerife

  6. This was great Clint, I love to feed the wild life in the garden
    This was just an amazing post.


  7. Ui, dein Blog gefällt mir!
    Ich blätter mich mal durch.

    Hoffe du verirrst dich auch mal zu mir
    und kurze Frage: Wie gefällt dir speziell mein jüngster Post?

    LG, Wieczorama (◔‿◔) | Mein Fotoblog

  8. Tell Clint thanks for inviting you to write today. I am sure he is busy out back mixing up your next meal.

  9. Happy mother's day to your wife! sandie

  10. Sweet Bird..
    Lovely walk in the post below.