Sunday, May 13, 2012

Permanent Records.......

Something that has been on my mind lately....

Do you recall from your school days...high school and teachers and administrators used to threaten us poor students into submission by using the ole phrase, "You don't want this to go on your Permanent Record!!!"

Of course, at the time, I thought that some transgression being inserted into my "Permanent Record" would be the most horrible thing that could possibly befall me.  I mean---it would follow me throughout life, right?  Oh my gosh---couldn't let THAT happen!

One time in college I got on the "wrong side" of an administrator.  The reason for this was my immaturity and youthful exuberance.  I mean, it was my own fault.  He threatened to insert the details of my escapade in my Permanent Record if I did not cease and desist. 

Unfortunately for me, I did not cease and desist and he caught me once again.  My transgression, he informed me, had been placed into my Permanent Record and would therefore follow me throughout my life and presumably beyond and into eternity.  This bothered me for years.

Now, of course, I look back on all that fear and just shake my head.  Why?  Because I have learned that the Permanent Record is a crock.  It means pretty much just about NOTHING.  If someone---a prospective employer, for example---wants proof that I graduated from XYZ University, they will be supplied with a copy of my transcript proving I did, in fact, graduate.   If they take the time to read about the time I instigated a water fight in the dorm which resulted in a considerable amount of water being deposited on the floors of the hallways, I realize now that they are much more likely to laugh than to see anything wrong.


  1. I am so glad you were not scarred for life by threats of this going on your "permanent record." I guess it goes along with don't cross your eyes because they stay that way. And step on a crack, you'll break your mother's back????? :) Enjoy your day!

  2. It's good to know you have brought the topic of "Permanent Records" to light. I had been told in my youth the "Permanent Records" were kept in a special room at the local court house. This makes one wonder what currently is going on in our lives, what other phoney assumptions there are out there we fret about and let control us?

  3. Clint are you telling me that all this 'good' behavior I've been displaying over this past 5 years is NOT going to go on my permanent record? ;-)

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Well Andy got in trouble in kindergarten on the bus and it is still on his record - it went with him to all the schools we applied too for middle school - but like yours it was silly.

    If that is the worst - that either of you have done or do - then you are okay!



  5. At my time there was a class book, and in case somebody was to late or something happend the teacher wrote it in. But the book changed every year.

    Have a beautiful start into the new week


  6. You know... now that you mention that... I do remember being told that in school...

  7. ha! they've got a lot of fear tactics up their sleeves for "unruly" students, and most never work. i learned that when i was a teacher. loving them goes a longer way.

    ps isn't college for having fun on a grand scale - isn't that what we pay so much for?;) you reminded me of a prank played on my friend at byu, a bunch of guys put a baby pool filled with ducks in their kitchen!

    sending you and cindy smiles =)=)

  8. Have no idea how naughty one had to be to be on a list in our country way back when I went to school.
    I laughed at your water fight :)

  9. So, who cleaned up following the water fight:-). It's funny you remember that after so much time has passed. I'll wager some pretty interesting stuff never made it to your permanent record. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  10. Manipulation Efforts to control a people that cannot be what that record reveals! :0) .... I have one also!