Thursday, February 23, 2012


My Mom, From Her 1940 Senior Yearbook
Cindy and I had a nice weekend visit with my mom week before last.  As always, we ate too much and had too much fun talking with the other residents of her retirement community.

My Dad, From His 1935 Senior Yearbook
There was also lots of good reminiscing with my mom about the old days.

Yearbooks Grouped---Furman University (ME), Hyde Park High School (Mom), Woodrow Wilson High School (Dad), and Clinton (TN) High School (Cindy)
After one such discussion, Cindy and mom went to "clean up" the mess that mom's storage room had become.  While there, Cindy ran across some old high school yearbooks of my dad and mom.  This is a family treasure, and of course I immediately asked if I could have them.  The answer was yes.

Remember How All Your Friends Would Sign Your Yearbook and Write Something Clever?
My dad graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, Texas in 1935.

Cindy's Senior Picture From Her Yearbook
Mom graduated from Hyde Park High School in Chicago, Illinois in 1940.  How these two came to meet is another story for another day.

I have my college yearbooks---all 4 years--- and Cindy has her senior yearbook.  Put together, they make a pretty impressive catalog of our lives as young adults.

Me, From My College Senior Yearbook
But, you know, now that I am gettin' a little older, I wonder what will happen to these family jewels when we pass on.  Kinda' sad, really, to think there is no one in our family who ever expressed a desire to have these pages of history of the way we were.

Maybe someone'll sell 'em on ebay and get a few bucks for them and they'll end up in some flea market as a curiosity.....hmmmph.


  1. I LOVE old yearbooks. They tell such a fascinating history to me. Y'all's are great. I'm glad they still have a place of honor with you and Cindy. And, now we see where you got your first name from-

  2. A great blog idea! I may just have to do a blog on my yearbook. Just think how lucky we were that we "ran into" them while helping your mom. Now they are in the hands of a family member who loves and treasures them! ♥

  3. some 'vintage' collector will scoop them up.

  4. I love your traditions in the USA or Canada. At my place they don't know it. We only made once a year a photo with all the kids of the class. To have and collect these yearbooks must be fun, specially when you are looking into after years.

    Greetings ☺

  5. These are a real treasure, I'm surprised none of your children has expressed a desire or an interest in having these keepsakes... even for the grandchildren. I only wish I had my mothers treasures such as this! It's odd, but through this educational journey there's no yearbooks put out, odd that I didn't even think of it until now... makes me wonder what ever happened to this tradition.

    Have a great day Clint, I LOVE the old photos! Thank you for sharing them!

    I guess your blogging friends could all put in bids for your books;))

  7. You know same here - no one is interested in the past.

    I enjoyed your pictures and yearbooks though.


  8. CLint. I am going through my parent's things, memories from several generations and wondering, what should I throw out and what to keep? It’s a struggle we all deal with. What legacy will we preserve for the generations, bottling them up for discovery one day by the curious time travelers? What will we wash away with the spin cycle of time, chalked up to that was yesterday?
    The questions are far more numerous than the answers. I hope the memory I give my children, and grandchildren is one of righteousness and truth, one that goes beyond mere pictures or words.
    I wonder, what they will need to know to survive through their deepest struggle? Will they seek out the memory, and will it be there?

  9. My first born is interested in the past, he keeps everything that is his Dad's and grandparents'. I enjoyed your pictures Clint. Thank you for sharing them.

  10. so nice to see your foto, Cindy is beautifull she is not changed really