Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Do These Famous People Have in Common?

Name                               Age At Death                           Profession

Nick Adams                          37                              Actor
John Belushi                         33                               Comedian
Len Bias                               23                               Basketball Player
Charles Boyer                      79                               Actor
Ken Caminiti                        41                               Baseball Player
Truman Capote                    60                               Writer
John Cassavetes                   60                               Actor/Director
Kurt Cobain                         27                               Musician
Tommy Dorsey                     51                              Musician
Chris Farley                         33                               Comedian
Judy Garland                        47                              Singer/Actress
Margaux Hemmingway        42                              Actress
Jimi Hendrix                         28                              Musician
Abbie Hoffman                    53                               Political Activist
Billie Holiday                       44                               Singer
Whitney Houston                 48                               Singer
Howard Hughes                   71                               Industrialist
Andy Irons                           32                               Surfer
Michael Jackson                  51                               Singer
Janis Joplin                           27                               Singer
Jack Kerouac                       47                               Author
Dorothy Kilgallen                52                               Journalist
Alan Ladd                            51                               Actor
Heath Ledger                       29                               Actor
Bruce Lee                            33                           Actor/Martial Artist
Anna Nicole Smith              40                  Actress/Playboy Playmate
Billy Mays                           51                              Sales/Pitchman
Joseph McCarthy                49                               Politician
Jim Morrison                       28                               Musician
Marilyn Monroe                  36                               Actress
River Phoenix                     23                               Actor
Darrell Porter                      50                              Baseball Player
Elvis Presley                       42                              Singer
Freddie Prinze                     23                              Actor/Comedian
Sid Vicious                          22                                Musician
Sara Teasdale                      49                                   Poet
Ike Turner                           76                                Musician
Dinah Washington              39                                 Singer
Amy Winehouse                 28                                 Singer

This list is made up of only those people with whom I am familiar.  The list grows steadily and surely.

If one were to Google "Drug Overdose Famous People", one would discover thousands of names.

Your thoughts?


  1. Once again, a good and timely blog post. My thoughts? I feel a bit of anger looking over this list and thinking of what a waste of their lives and God given talents.


    1. I agree. As I was making up this list, I got really PO'd that all these super talented people just flushed their talents down the toilet like it was nothing. I don't pretend to know what God is thinking about this, but if I had to guess I'd say He ain't happy.

  2. Sometimes no wonder because of the alcohol and the drugs...too bad that those people can't handle it.


  3. I am sending this list to myself to show my grandson - DON'T TAKE DRUGS!


  4. But some, like Heath Ledger are prescriptive drugs.

  5. This is serious. I had no idea. Like Michaele says it is sad.

  6. What a sad way to end a life...

    Surely it is an evil scheme, meant to destroy a life intended for a beautiful purpose.

  7. What a sad way to end a life...

    Surely it is an evil scheme, meant to destroy a life intended for a beautiful purpose.

  8. A life without Christ is always destructive...when we allow "self" to be the center point regardless of status discovered in life. My life was on a downward spin not on drugs or alcohol but depression and anger ...another type of drug "emotional" just as destructive ..thankful that I found Christ and he has been changing daily little by little as I allow him to change my life of sadness and emptiness to joy to the brim!

  9. What I find even more sad is that society tends to idolize these people as if they were some kind of heroic role model.

  10. God called them home in tragic circumstances. It was their time to go so they didn't have to suffer anymore.

  11. Life has no guarantee. Sad it has to end sooner for others. Just sad.

  12. Hey Clint, I hope you do not mind, but I used your name and this topic in my blog today! It is so profound the foolishness of mankind to turn from the light ...I too once was a foolish person to think that life and laughter were found in what the "world" has to offer....

  13. Many thoughts. First, it shows how much of a problem drugs are in our society. Second, it is just another clear example of the sinfulness and Godlessness that exists in the world. Third, these so-call famous people are "examples" to our younger generation. When will these people learn. And far be it from me to judge (for the right of judgment belongs to God alone), but whiteangel is way off base here and doesn't understand God's word, purpose or will. She is living in la-la land if she thinks all of these people "are in a better place now".

  14. Addiction is an illness, like mental illness. Often it is used to mask mental illness. I honestly wonder if they can "help it", you know? It is very sad, because a lot of times they are so empty, they are trying to fill themselves up, trying to find joy, trying to medicate the pain. Many of them don't know Jesus, and if they do, they lost Him along the way. It's easy to say they wasted their lives, but isn't it a blessing that none of them left this world without leaving a deposit of greatness in the earth? Often the candles that burn brightest burn the shortest. :(

  15. Clint -
    I think that drugs are a veritable "scourge on the land".

    What a waste! Interesting post.
    Have a good weekend - Marsha

  16. I came over from Rhonda's blog at

    Now onto the topic of this blog well I do not get why people do drugs or drink to excess on a daily basis I have never tried and type of drug and yes I do drink but I rarely get drunk maybe once a year if that...........

    Yes I know they are addictions but really some people chose to start taking illegal drugs

  17. Satan does a good job with the drug and alcohol scene.. so sad.