Monday, February 20, 2012

Do You Like Being A Good Citizen?.......

Well, do ya?  Ha.

I think it's a very good, simple question....but on further review, I guess it isn't after all.

I mean....what exactly does "good" mean?  Some might say that it means to "go along with the program", as in "don't rock the boat".  There were a few bosses in my professional past who asserted that I was not a "team player".  To them, if one were not going along, one was not getting along.

On the other hand, Thomas Jefferson said he thought "each generation should have its own revolution". 

Does a good citizen speak out against the system when he/she thinks the system is wrong?  Or does a good citizen stay silent and make the best of her/his life?


  1. Wow- great questions. I think it has to be some of both. I'm going to be thinking about this.

  2. I guess it depends on the Country that you are a citizen of. For example, in the USA if you are standing up to speak out to uphold the principles that this country was founded on then YES. Too many people have become complacent and we are losing more of our rights daily. And I do feel that Thomas Jefferson would be very upset to see what has become of this great land that he worked so hard to set up its freedoms.

  3. That is a loaded question Clint, if it were a loaded gun I do believe you've just shot off your left great toe. Being a good citizen is subjective. Everyone has their own meaning. Unfortunately everyone has their own meaning.....:(

  4. what jane said! a person who remains quiet is called a good slave. the founding fathers told us it was up to the people to preserve our natural rights. people think being a good patriot is sticking with the system no matter what, when really it is sticking with the principle the country was founded upon - freedom.

  5. This is a heavy question. My answer would be if what is going on is hurtful, by all means we should speak up against it. Just arguing for the sake of being an antagonist would only waste every ones time.

  6. Hi Clint. I'm thinking ....Atticus Finch. :)

  7. It is a great question and I think there are different answers according to the situation. I believe in voting. I believe in trying to help America stay Godly. I believe we should stand up for injustice even if it hurts - funny we were just talking today the GS and I over that very subject.


  8. Jefferson is now my favorite person.

  9. Speaking out is a good thing but every person has to do what is right for them and for some speaking out isn't something they have the strenght to do so they go with the doesn't make them any less of a good person

  10. There is so much that constitutes what a "good" citizen is in my opinion. I'll be brief though and leave it at this: I view a good citizen to be one who respects the rights of others, if able they will advocate for individuals rights. A good citizen is not racist, plays no part in colonization and treats all people fair and just. I'd best stop there, there's not a whole lot of "good" citizens out there anymore, people colonize others without even realizing they are doing so, it's a part of what society teaches us to do. I've had to unlearn a lot of the societal messages I've received and I'm still not all that good of a citizen, but at least I'm trying and have new awareness's.

    Have a fantastic week Clint! Cheers.

  11. That does stir the thoughts in our mind! Good question!

  12. Good Morning, Clint!!
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the world, Clint!!
    This one is a great question and an outstanding good food for thoughts. Yes!! I consider myself a good American Citizen.
    In fact, I am so proud of being an American. I gave a true pledge of allegiance to the USA long ago. Of course, I am willing to give my own life to defend freedom and justice for all in the USA.
    I see that many folks worlwide are selfish, and think more in themselves, instead of willing to give a helping hand, a loving thought towards others in need. I am an advocate for the helpless, the ones in need, either animals or humans. I do it basically in writing, since I have hard times in moving around, due to my health issues and aging process. But, I still write my heart out, so that I add my fair contribution to make a difference in our present society. I think modern folks are ruining the environment, water, air, soil, land, and so on. We all ought to do something about it, if we -together- wish to keep on having a better world for all of us. Long ago, I wrote some tales about the endless struggle between good and evil, and I signed it in this way:
    "A Brotherhood of Christians in Action Searching for the Extermination of Evil." (B.C.A.S.E.E.)
    Of course, I agree with the old saying, "Actions speak louder than words." Unfortunately, many people don't care what happens to the world, and keep doing nothing, until the world will turn into a raging sea... God, our Almighty, is watching every movement we make, and He sees the whole picture before we do.
    Great post, Clint!! Please, keep on posting great food for thoughts for the readers, in order to activate their brains and begin to think deeper with profound thoughts...
    Thank you also, for posting heartfelt comments to my poems!!
    God may bless you all!!
    Poet Starry Dawn.
    (A freelance writer, poet, artist, lyricist composer, singer, a Christian American mother, grandmother, and other things.)