Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Little Chick That Could.......

We don't have an open marriage, but I must tell you that Cindy ain't the only chick in my life.  And, I must say I have found that a little variety is indeed the spice of life.

By The Bird Feeder, Scaring Off The Others

Our little chick does not have a formal name.  She is known simply as "the chick". 

In The Microwave

In The Drawer With My Socks and Undies
She is, in reality, made of ceramic.  About two years ago, Cindy and I started playing games with her.  Cindy would hide the little bird in a place she knew I frequented---like the microwave oven, or my underwear/sock drawer.  Then, when I least expected a shock, I would see the garish little chick staring at me and I would get a jolt of a surprise. 

On The Toilet

They Had to Take it Breech
Then, I started hiding the chick in places where Cindy would get a jolt---yesterday, as Cindy made a beeline for the bathroom, she shrieked in surprise as she found the li'l guy sitting on the toilet.

In The Pantry
We've had---and will continue to have---lots of fun with our little friend as we try to surprise each other.

I Caught Her Using My Computer --- On The Website

One day we experimented and placed the chick on our rear deck next to the bird feeder.  Funny thing happened.....our real birds that are always teeming around the feeder wouldn't come near it with the chick present.

She Likes Sitting on My Shoulder
Like I say, Cindy ain't the only chick in my life.  Heh heh.......



  1. So be careful with your chick.

    Nice post and btw. welcome back and thanks for open up the comments.

    Greetings to you and Cindy

  2. I thought this excellent post so funny,
    I was worried when on the last two post we couldn't comment.
    Hope all is well.

  3. What a nice post Clint. I love it.
    Greetings Sabine

  4. Oh what fun, Clint. Reminded me of my Gnome adventures last year. LOL

  5. I love that chick! So very life like. And it sure gets around.

  6. How fun! Keeps the marriage alive and light hearted.

  7. You are having far too much fun my friend. Love it.

  8. That's so great! I love coming up with fun games.

  9. Cutest little chick around! Clint, I have you linked to my word press account. You should get some traffic from it. I am sure they will enjoy your blog there.

  10. Oh that is sweet - I'm gonna get me a chick too! sandie

  11. Clint how are you??

    It always nice to stopp by you

    a big hug to my freind!

  12. oh you have a funny mind :) as in a good sense of humour...

  13. too funny clint, I was happy to see I could post a comment, I have visited several times lately and it would not allow me to post comment....this post is absolutely "YOU"... LOL too funny

  14. hahaha, quite a chick you have there Clint. I can imagine the fun you have had with her - hiding her in places to be found by your unsuspecting wife.

    Loved the photos.

  15. A man with TWO checks in his life? How lucky are you ! Fun stuff.

  16. Clint this post was such a delight to read and see the visuals of The Chick! I truly was blessed by this. I so appreciate you sharing and making my morning. Blessings.

  17. My first time on your blog and I must say, thats a hoot! I believe I will continue to follow, plus you have a great first name!lol