Friday, December 2, 2011

What Overeating Will Do To You.......

From Kevin Saylor at the Knoxville News-Sentinel.......


  1. LOL this is hilarious! A piece of pie while waiting for the ambulance... hmmm sounds a wee bit odd to me, I don't care how good the pie was. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend Clint!

  2. Oh, this was so funny. Great thing to smile about on a Friday!

  3. I found it funny that their menu was EXACTLY what we had! Now I know what is wrong with me, I am walking around in a coma induced state!

  4. Now that is the first time I have ever heard of this. All I can say is wow. B

  5. This cheered me up as I have had a rotten week.
    Pleased to see you posting again.


  6. In Spain we say: jajajajajajaja (means laughing)

    Good to hear from you again, I missed you and was wondering what happend. Hope you are doing fine and feeling good.

    Have a beautiful weekend and a lot of greetings to you my friend

  7. I think it was a miracle that he could eat that much.

  8. ROFL Only Clint is all I can say this morning as I read your postings..... I pray for Cindy ...her sides must ache from all the laughter you provide! Merry Christmas to your home from mine

  9. That writer is just too funny. At our local Christmas party yesterday, I almost lost consciousness but pumpkin pie saved my life.
    My scales can't wait till 2012.
    Arkansas Patti